Haystak Net Worth after Divorced and Children

The rising rapper Haystak net worth is about $300 thousand in 2016. His real name is Jason Winfree, has 02 children and gained weight after divorce. Haystack is an American musician who rose to fame through his rapping about social issues.

Ryan Dungey Net Worth, House, Salary, Wife

Young Motorcycle Racer Ryan Dungey has a net worth of $8 million. Born in 1989, he is married, own a house and has good salary track till 2016. He is a well known motocross racer who has done tremendously in his career and has won many hearts. Born to Troy Dungey and Michelle Dungey this… Read More »

Jana Duggar Net Worth, Wiki, Age in 2016

Currently the total net worth of Jana Duggar is about $400 thousand. She is the daughter of famous Real Estate agent. Find her wiki, age to boyfriend name. Jana Duggar is an American television reality star who is was showcased as one of the 21 members of the large Duggar family.

Nikki Blackketter Net Worth, Wiki, Age in 2016

The fitness model Nikki Blackketter net worth is about $400 thousand. Her wiki revealed real age, height, boyfriend name to source of earning in 2016. Nikki is a very popular fitness model and an Instagram star. She is a multi-talented girl with multi sources of income. She runs her own online website, nikkiblackketter.com. She offers… Read More »

Louisa Johnson Net Worth after winning X Factor

Louisa Johnson won the X Factor and her net worth is now $150 thousand. Additionally Louisa get about $120,000 per year as salary in 2016 and dating to a boyfriend. In the year 1998 was born Louisa Johnson in Thurrock in United Kingdom or UK and she is a popular singer cum songwriter with superb… Read More »

Top 20 Richest Fitness Model from Instagram

Here is the list of top 20 popular richest fitness model who are earning in million and active on Instagram – updated in 2016. These fitness guru has millions of followers on Instagram and earning huge amount of money from their skills.

Christy McGinity Gibel Net Worth, Wiki, Age in 2016

TV star Christy McGinity Gibel has a net worth of $400 thousand. Her wiki revealed her real age, height and husband and children name in 2016. A little woman with mountain high fame, yes this is how we can describe this magic girl. She is a reality television star from the popular show Little Women:… Read More »

Anwar Jibawi Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend

The famous Youtuber Anwar Jibawi net worth is about $400 thousand. Born in 1991, his wiki revealed his real age, family, girlfriend name, to religion. Anwar Jibawi is a dazzling star from the Internet adobe. His fame comes from a completely different platform, as he is a star for his vine account. He has more… Read More »

Ab-Soul Net Worth in 2016, Age, Girlfriend

Born in 1987 in California, this hip hop artist Ab-Soul net worth is about $800,000. Currently he is a rising star and dating with girlfriend named Yaris. Herbert Anthony Stevens or Ab-Soul is a popular hip hop artist from USA with superb fan following. Born in the year 1987 in California in USA this 29… Read More »

Jason Hawes Net Worth, Bio, Age, Wife 2016

Jason Hawes is an American plumber whose net worth is $1.5 million. His biography revealed his real age, wife and daughter name and appeared in Ghost Hunters show. Born in the month of December in 1971 in New York Jason Conrad Hawes is a plumber from USA. As a plumber for the 1932 year founded… Read More »