10 Most Expensive Bicycles in the World

By | October 28, 2016

Today I bring list of 10 such bicycles which are counted among the most expensive in this world in 2017 ever. Check the list with price which are available for sale. One of the most used vehicles for traveling as well as exercising is Bicycle. The bicycle use has seen a dip in regular life but it is very popular in sports games like racing, cycling and fitness freaks are addicted to bicycles. They are cheap also but there are some bicycles, which are so luxurious that they come at a price of a car.

Most expensive Bicycles in The world

Here is the list of Top 10 Most expensive Bicycles all around the world ever, you can also buy these from online shops.

Butterfly Trek Madone (Price $5,00,000)

Butterfly Trek Madone

The most expensive bicycle in the world is Butterfly trek bicycle. The bicycle is designed by Damien Hirst, a very famous designer using real butterflies. It is unique and beautiful in design. It is especially for racing and Lance Armstrong used the bicycle in 2009 in France De Tour.

Trek Yoshitomo Nara (Price- $2,00,000)

Trek Yoshitomo Nara

Trek Yoshitomo was made by two well-known companies for a particular project. The bicycle is made with carbon making it lightweight and fast in speed. It is funky, classy and looks very attractive. Because of being lightweight and speedy, it is mostly used in racing competitions.

Kaws – Trek Madone (Price – $1,60,000)

Kaws Tek Madone

The bicycle is very appealing because of the use of bright colours like Yellow Black and White. The bicycle was made by a Bicycle manufacturing company and a designer. Lance Armstrong used it in his Castilla race in 2009 and later was auctioned for cancer fighters. This bicycle was used in various cycling events and races.

Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike (Price- $1,14,000)

Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike

A perfect bicycle for Mountaineering and trails, Aurumania is made up of pure 24-carat gold along with precious crystals enhancing its beauty. The bicycle colour is of dull and rustic gold colour, which makes this bicycle very attractive and beautiful.

Trek Madone 7- Diamond (Price – $75,000)

Trek Madone 7 Diamond

This is a unique bicycle made as Mountain bike for racing for Lance Armstrong, which he used in  his Tour de title. The bicycle is made with the help of various sponsors and the reason behind all these companies coming together was making a powerful bike for Armstrong to make him never loose from his competitors. The bicycle is unique because it is made from real diamonds and white stones.

Rare Tiffany & co. Silver Mounted lady’s Bicycle ( Price- $70,000)

Rare Tiffany & co. Silver Mounted ladies Bicycle

The bicycle had been manufactured first way back in the year 1890 making it a classic bicycle. The bicycle was made with pure silver having Red, golden and silver colour having a unique design. This bicycle has attracted many bicycle lovers as well as celebrities in past years.

Chrome Hearts X Cervelo (Price ($60,000)

Chrome Hearts X Cervelo

The bicycle was made by Chrome Hearts and Cervelo for racing. There are some fancy and precious materials used in its design making its pricy yet appealing. The precious materials are used in the seat, spokes and even on the handle. It is best considered for racing and has a classic combination of Black and white making it more attractive.

Montante Luxury Gold Collection (Price – $46,000)

Montante Luxury gold Collection

Made in Italy for females, this bicycle as name says, is made up of Gold, especially gold leaves. There is also use of 1000 Swarovski stones in the bicycle. The seat of the bicycle is made up of pure leather and has a cushion too for comfortable riding and racing.

Electric Assist Bicycle by eRockit (Price – $ 44,000)

9. Electric Assist Bicycle by eRockit

This is more of a motorcycle than a bicycle and it is claimed by the manufacturing company that it runs on Human power. The bicycle motor charges when the rider pedals. The motor is built with batteries in it and once charged, can ride up to 50 miles.

Litespeed Blade Bike (Price – $40,788)

Litespeed Blade bike

Made of alloy and carbon fiber, this lite speed Blade bike is a very comfortable bicycle with comfortable seat. The technology used in the bicycle is WRAP technology which is an advanced technology with high speed and system.

All these bicycles have attractive, unique design and look attracting more and more riders. The best for travel as well as exercise, these above bicycles are somewhere made up for racing purposes.

Sr. No. Cycle Name Price
1 Butterfly Trek Madone $5,00,000
2 Trek Yoshitomo Nara $2,00,000
3 Kaws – Trek Madone $1,60,000
4 Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike $1,14,000
5 Trek Madone 7- Diamond $75,000
6 Rare Tiffany & co. Silver Mounted lady’s Bicycle $70,000
7 Chrome Hearts X Cervelo $60,000
8 Montante Luxury Gold Collection $46,000
9 Electric Assist Bicycle by eRockit $ 44,000
10 Litespeed Blade Bike $40,788


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