10 Most Expensive Pianos in the World

By | September 22, 2016

Now, it is official that the most expensive Piano is the Heintzman’s Crystal that cost $3.22 million. Find the list of such Pianos in the world as on 2017. The piano is a melodious musical instrument forever. The tradition of playing piano is continued from the ancient age, it is something royal, something elegant. There are various pianos available, which are truly stylish and expensive.

10 Most Expensive Pianos in the World

List of Most Expensive Pianos

Please note that this list of most expensive and luxury Pianos are prepared based on available information on reliable sites.

Ranking Brand Price
1 Heintzman’s Crystal Piano $3.22 Million
2 John Lennon’s piano $2.1 Million
3 Red Pops $1.9 Million
4 Sound of Harmony $1.63 Million
5 Galaxy $1.6 Million
6 Khun Bosendorfer Grand Piano $1.2 Million
7 The Baby $720,000
8 The Baby Grand $662,500
9 Crystal Piano $627,000
10 The Casablanca $602,500

There are many well known celebrities who know how to play Pianos like Delta Goodrem, Myleena Klass, Jessica Lowndes etc. If you know any other brand which are over $600 thousand dollar and not listed here then do let me know.

Heintzman Crystal Piano

Heintzman Crystal PianoA gorgeous look and a melodious sound, this is how we describe this piano. This piano is completely made of transparent crystal, which gives it a world class looks. It was created by the Heintzman Pianos Company, which is actually a Canadian piano manufacturer but made it in China. But this is not an old one, it was first used at the Beijing Olympic Ceremony of the year 2008 and the eminent Chinese piano artist Lang Lang was played it in front of a million audiences. It was sold by the value of $3.22 million in an auction.

John Lennon’s piano

John Lennon’s pianoThis piano was purchased by the popular singer John Lennon; it was a gift to his wife. It was designed by the Steinway & Sons; some input also comes from Lennon. It is a high-end piano with the finest design but it is actually made of simple wood. George Michel, the renowned superstar was bought it with a record price $ 2.1 million.


Red Pops

Red PopsThe third one of this list is very much sole in style and very much unique in texture too. It is a perfect combination of tradition and trend. It is also a masterpiece of Steinway and Sons. The vibrant red, silver, and white color piano is the asset of the music world, especially for its upright sound quality. It was sold with the price of almost $ 1.9 million in an auction.


Sound of Harmony

Sound of HarmonyAgain it is the Steinway and sons, who have made this expensive piano, where they used the real gold for making this exclusive piece and the price of this modern wonder is $1.63 million. It is a masterpiece according to craft, design and also for the sound.



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GalaxyIt is the example of art and the craftsmanship of Arab Emirates. It is a wonder of the music world, distinctive in looks and quality. It is a gold plated Piano and the fiberglass body is made with 24 carat gold. This is completely for elite class people and the value is approximate $1.6 million.




Khun Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Khun Bosendorfer Grand PianoIt is not just grand in name, is design and quality too. This masterpiece is beyond its monetary value, which is made by 100,000 amazing jewels and the best example of the excellence of glass sculpture. The price is $1.2 million, which is completely justified to this world class piece made by the Austria-based company.



The Baby

The BabyIt is an exclusive and very much expensive from the bag of Goldfinch Piano’s Company, they named it ‘The baby’. The beauty and the gorgeousness of this piano are truly timeless. It is the result of nine years of hard work. It is very much matchless in style, design and also for sound. The price of this Queen of the Piano is $ 720, 000.


The Baby Grand

The Baby GrandThis expensive piano belongs to the hot and beautiful actress of 60’s Merlin Monro, which she got from her mother. She loved the piano most. The value of this piano is $662,500.



Crystal Piano

Crystal PianoIt is an outstanding piano, another masterpiece by Golden Finch. It is created and crafted by a big amount of Swarovski crystals and the price of the piano is $627,000. The phenomenal artist Lauren Baker has designed it.





The Casablanca

The CasablancaIt is an antique piece of piano. The reason of the high price of this piano is its sentimental value. It is very special for the fans of Casablanca and the price of the piano is $602,500. It was built by Richardson’s Inc.



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