Top 10 Richest Tennis Players in this world

By | April 1, 2016

The world of tennis is not only full of beautiful and athletic players; it is also about the richest tennis players who are coming from different countries. They also command a high price in every world title tournaments and draw the support of top sports advertisers and brand sponsorship. With fame in the court comes huge wealth and keeping up with their high standard of lifestyle.

Top 10 Richest Tennis Players In the World

10 Richest Tennis Players in 2017

Here are the top 10 richest tennis players as on 2017 in this world according to their published net worth.

Roger Federer – $300 Million

Roger FedererTopping the list is a professional tennis player who is originally from Switzerland. Roger is a world class player who averages at least $12 million per title match. This 32 year old is one of the world’s highest paid athletes and has numerous endorsements from the leading sports brands in the market.

Andre Agassi – $175 Million

Andre AgassiThe Career Golden Slam champion has retired, but still enjoys the profits of his hard work done during the peak years of his career as a professional tennis player and the world’s number 1.  He has put up a school for kids and runs his own charitable foundation. A spinal injury forced him to take an early retirement in 2006.

Maria Sharapova – $90 Million

Maria SharapovaThe 3 time Grand Slam Singles Champion and Russian tennis superstar is one of the most generously compensated female athlete of all time. Winning the French Open in 2012 paved the way for more commercials and increased her value. She carries her own line of tennis shoes from a major brand endorser and plans to open her tennis accessories shop in the future.

Serena Williams – $85 Million

Serena WilliamsThe younger sister of Venus now holds the record for being number one in the ranks for the sixth consecutive year. The 31 year old is the most established tennis player to grab the top position. The bulk of her gross income is derived from her investment in a variety of business ventures aside from having eight top sports brand endorsements.

Venus Williams – $81 Million

Venus WilliamsThe elder sister of Serena lands the list with a little less than what baby sister brings in, but she has a steady line of endorsements on her own and a different line of business venture. The three time world number one is also a bestselling author and fashion designer.


Rafael Nadal – $50 Million

Rafael NadalDespite being side tracked by a knee injury in 2012, his net worth keeps ringing in the cash register because of his wide variety of endorsements. His accumulated income came from sales of his timepiece collection, ads made for a sports cologne, and underwear and jeans endorsement for a designer brand in Europe.

Anna Kournikova – $50 Million

Anna KournikovaAlthough she has retired from the world of professional tennis because of a chronic spinal injury in 2003, the Moscow born athlete continues to increase her net value because of her worldwide celebrity status and endorsements.


Andy Murray – $38 Million

Andy MurrayHis net value increased immediately after winning the US Open. His market value improved when he became a Wimbledon champion (2013).


Novak Djokovic – $36 Million

Novak DjokovicA long time professional tennis player, the Serbian athlete started to soar and level up his world rank to number one only late last year. He has his own casual clothing line anda long term endorsement deal with a top brand from Japan.


Li Na – $18.6 Million

Li NaShe is the only Asian professional tennis player who won a grand slam (2011). Part of her annual salary comes from endorsing a top local sports brand in China.


Here is another snapshot of the richest tennis player in the world in table format that will give you better idea:

Rank Tennis Player Name Total Net Worth
1 Roger Federer $180 Million
2 Andre Agassi $175 Million
3 Maria Sharapova $90 Million
4 Serena Williams $85 Million
5 Venus Williams $81 Million
6 Rafael Nadal $50 Million
7 Anna Kournikova $50 Million
8 Andy Murray $38 Million
9 Novak Djokovic $36 Million
10 Li Na $18.6 Million

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