20 Celebrities Who Have Served in Prison

By | September 3, 2016

List of 20 Celebrities who are actually served to Prison in real life. These are famous actors from Hollywood to Bollywood – updated in 2017. Please note that I have prepared this list based on their popularity. Feel free to leave your comment.

Celebrities who Served Prison

List of Famous Celebrities went to Prison

Before we go ahead and check individual details, have a look to this complete list of actors and actress who went to Prison that includes total no. of days.

Celebrities Name Served Period
Mark Wahlberg 45 days
Robert Downey Jr 6 months
Wesley Snipes 3 years
Don Kin 3 ½ years
Tim Allen 3 years
Paul McCartne 10 days
Paris Hilton 3 days
Lil Wayne 1 year
Martha Stewart 5 months
Christian Slater 10 days
Michelle Rodriguez 18 days
Danny Trejo 11 years
Ja Rule 2 years
Lil’ Kim 1 year
Lauryn Hill 3 months
Mike Tyson 3 years
Salman Khan 5 years
Sanjay Dutt 3 ½ years

Here is  the list of  top 20 celebrities who went to prison, updated in 2017!!


Mark Wahlberg

MARK ROBERT WAHLBERG , an American born actor, model, producer and businessman ,was convicted for his peevish act of knocking down a Vietnamese man on the road with a wooden stick. He was also into drug and at civil case was filed against him for heckling African  American children. Charged with the accusation of murder and assault he spent 45 days in jail.



Robert Downey Jr

ROBERT is an American actor and he was a drug addict at a very early age of six and used to take cocaine. Additionally he was also arrested for possession an unloaded handgun and enter into a neighbor’s home without his permission while under the influence of drug>. He spent 6 months in the prison.



Wesley Snipes

WESLEY SNIPES is an American actor and a martial artist. He was convicted of escaping income taxes and for some other false claim. He was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for conspiring to defraud the government.




Don King

Don King is an American boxing promoter and  has been a controversial figure, serving  the prison for allegations against him that comprises slaughtering two men and fraud ,arson. He has served 3 and half years in prison.




Tim Allen

Tim Allen an American actor cum comedian was convicted of peddling with drug cocaine when he was under scan for possessing 650 grams cocaine. He was imprisoned for 3 years.




Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is a famous singer of the band Beatles and he is a songwriter, composer, vocalist. He took to drugs and was arrested in Barbados for possessing marijuana. He served jail for 10 days.




Paris Hilton

The infamous actress, socialite, model.  Paris is also a businesswoman and has been troubled by detention for driving while consuming alcohol and without a license for 3 days.





Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is a famous hip-hop artist from Louisiana. He was arrested in New York for smoking marijuana and sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment. Many people don’t realized that marijuana can harm their body.




Lindsay Lohan

This super pretty actress was put behind bar for misconduct, theft and violating probation.





Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a well known American business woman, Writer and a TV personality. She was defamed after being convicted of charges like making false statements to investigation and also for conspiracy. She served a 5 months in jail.




Christian Slater

Christian Slater, an American actor was put in prison after he assaulted his girlfriend. In 2005 he was again arrested for sexually violating a woman. He served 10 days in jail.




James Brown

James Brown  is an American singer, song writer, and dancer. He was troubled due to his misconduct .From theft to domestic violence, drug abuse, illegal possessing pistol, assaulting a police and lastly rape. He has been in prison for all these charges.




Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez the pretty American actress was imprisoned for 18 days reckless driving, hit and run and defying probation. Since then she got the lesson how to drive a car like a nice citizen.




Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is an American actor who worked in Desperado and recently seen in the moive Machete Kills in 2015. Danny who had served jail for 11 years for drug abuse and robbery.





Ja Rule

Ja Rule is a well known American rapper was also sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for possessing marijuana along with pistol. Later he was arrested for evading tax.




Lil' Kim

Lil’ Kim, an American rapper went to prison for 1 year for bearing false evidence to a federal grand jury to save her friend.




Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill, an American singer, rapper, went to jail for evading federal taxes and served 3 months in jail.




Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, an American boxer served 3 years in jail for raping a 18 year old lady.





Salman Khan

Salman Khan, the famous Bollywood star went to jail for hit and run case that happened in 2002. He was announced for 5 year sentence however later it was suspended. However during that time he went to jail for few weeks.




Sanjay DuttSanjay Dutt, also known as Munna Bhai (the famous movie) the controversial actor served a three and half years imprisonment for his involvement in Mumbai serial blast case.



If you know any other popular stars who went to Jail and not listed here then don’t be shy, do share details using below comment section.

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