Alaskan Bush People Net Worth and Salary

By | June 11, 2017

The Alaskan Bush People is a popular reality tv show is about a family living in Alaska. Check family net worth and how much they make on per show basis. This series was broadcasted on Discovery channel in 2014.  It showed the life of Brown people, how their housed was burnt out by authorities for staying on the Public land and how they built new community independently.

Alaskan Bush People

There are total 6 seasons of Alaskan Bush people series and 61 episodes. There are many characters in this show such as Father Billy Bryan Brown, Mother Amora Lee Branson Brown, five sons named Matthew Jeremiah Brown, Joshua Bam Bam Brown, Solomon Isaiah Freedom “Bear” Brown, Gabriel Starbuck Brown and Noah Darkcloud Brown, two daughters named Amora Jean Snowbird “Birdy” Brown, Merry and Gabe Brown. Billy and his wife Ami has a huge family that consist of total 07 children all born and looked upon in Alaskan Bush.

Well, it’s the talk of every mouth that the Brown’s family’s net worth is much more than they pretend on the Reality TV show; Alaskan Bush People. Though as the sources revealed their net worth is around $60 millions, which they earn with their hard work. Billy Bryan Brown net worth is said to be $5,00,000 with all his children having net worth of $40,000 to $60,000 individually.

This serial is based upon the Brown family, which were struggling for their community. Their houses were burned down by the authorities for being on Public land, But they didn’t give up, they are moving up in their life.  The early episodes show how the Brown family went on different different places for finding shelter, place of living. They lived in a place where temperatures dropped from 60 degrees to zero and below it. They survived in harder to harder situations, they lived in these situations for decades. Everything was just dangerous there. The other episodes show how they established a new community “Browntown” independently and started their work, transportation and labor to achieve a good and happy life. Some rumors say they are fake . They did  it for TV reality show.

Billy Brown was a writer too, he had written a dozen of books like One wave at a time and The Lost Years were which were promoted by the website run by his friends. Browns marketed themselves as the “Alaskan Wilderness Family” before they were known as the “Alaskan Bush People.” As shown in the reality show, they are very hard working. They survive very bravely. Instead to giving up, they stood up and moved ahead in their life and achieved several things.

42 thoughts on “Alaskan Bush People Net Worth and Salary

  1. Jean

    Billy: I saw on the last episode 6/29/17, that Aime has brain or lung cancer with little or no hope. Their is a doctor in NYC, who cured President Carter , stage 4. He cured him, not by operating but using some kind of ray or laser pointing at the cancer cells. And they do disappears. One or 2 doctors are now using this & it works. I just want to pass this on to you.

    The doctors name is Dr. Leaderman, address is 38th & 38 St. & Broadway, NYC. I don’t have t number. If you do make contact & this seems to be the answer, I can’t imagine all of you going to NYC. Fllying & hotels have out of site prices.
    If you would, please keep me posted. Good luck and God bless!

  2. Robin Gelotti

    God bless ami and the brown family. I thoughly enjoy their show.

  3. C. J. Canoy

    Ok, i was really intrigued about how the Browns lived and was impressed how they had to trade or barter for everything, and then found out their net worth was in the millions. Give me a break and they have only lived in the Alaskan woods since 2012. What a joke. With tbe money they have and what tbey make per show, they could have built and lived quite well in the Alaskan wild. They are a joke. I appreciate people who truely live and survive totally off the grid, but this is such a sham and I’m really disappointed in National Geographic for doing this show as being factual and true. Matt is married, has twin boys and is an MMA fighter. So much for surviving on wild game and building a house out of tires and awesome boy is just ridiculous running around and climbing trees, running through water and acting like he has a mental problem. I do hope that their mom gets well and her cancer is cured. I had neighbors that have lived totally off the grid for 23 years and have raised 3 childreen in that way. I have so much respect for that family but the Browns do not come close to a real family that lives completely off the grid. They are a joke that is perpetrating a ruse on the American people.

    1. Becky

      It’s Bear that runs around climbing trees, not Matt. I don’t know what is true or not, but they have been quite entertaining to me. I believe the mother, Ami, is terminally ill and deserves respect. If you are perturbed, why not just stop watching and

    2. 2shoes

      I agree with you. My husband and I worked hard and when our children were 16 they went out and got jobs. They all sit around when Ami is sick whittling and trying to keep busy. GET A JOB. Where are they coming up with the money to purchase 40 acres in Colorado. Also they left that land in Alaska with crap all over it. They arrive with a pristine piece of land and leave phones booths etc. all over. All they ever do is cry about their bad luck. You make your luck. Living out in the Bush without proper medical care and dental care does not make luck. If they can afford 40 acres in Colorado than they can afford to have their medical needs taken care of as well. Ami needs to let her children go off and live their lives. She wants “grandbabies” she is not going to get them if she insists they huddle around her. They will take that 40 acres of land and leave crap all around there as well.

      1. Judy A Bailey

        i agree 2shoes, and i don’t think they pay for any land, i think they just take up residents on public land, till their kicked off…

        1. Billy Brownstone Blackhead

          Do U know how to write a proper response in any given language?

      2. Lyle Smith

        Billy Brown is worth millions. He has written several books and is independently wealthy. Each of their children are receiving a annual salary from the show of at least $60,000 a year. That’s how they can buy 40 acres in Colorado.

    3. Jen

      Lol! Matt Brown MMA fighter is not Matt Brown Alaskan Bush People. You do know more than one person can have that name right. Maybe you should have looked at pictures of MMA Matt before posting.

    4. Mel

      Hahaha the real joke is that ALL of the stuff in what you said is false,before posting something online you should check your info. And I think that we all know that everyone makes money from being on tv, so we all knew they were making money and so do tons of other people by making a reality tv show and this is what is paying to gibe ami treatment for her lung cancer! Our thoughts and prayers are with her!🙏

    5. HG

      CJ …Get you facts straight before you comment and put people don’t you obviously have no idea about what yourr talking about. The Matt Brown your talking about is a completely diff person… You don’t know these people personally so don’t judge them.

    6. Barry Murray

      I’ve just looked at what they are worth all the kids are worth between 40and 60 grand and the dad is worth 5 million or is it 500 grand and the last episode of last season they were interviewing the cast and the oldest daughter had a I watch on I thought they don’t do cell phones or internet hardly off the grid .. love watching the program though

  4. Vicki Padgett

    I do watch the show and to me it is reality TV my choice to watch. I have known for sometime now that they all get paid well. Their background is just like anyone else’s life. I am praying for their mother and i know losing a mother is very hard. My prayers are for them also. Do not be so critical of a family who have and are having the American team. If acting is their way of accomplishing this more power to them. They all have jobs just like you and I.

  5. Cheryl Nawara

    I wish all the best to the Brown family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I love your show very much.

  6. valerie S

    God Bless Ami !And all the family i love them they show us all how a family should love and support each other,I wish and hope the best for all of them,

  7. Mary taylor

    I love this family I watch it every time it’s on. I love the support and love shown by each family member. Thank god for real family love like this on American tv. You should come to southwest va. We live our lives like you do . With loads of love and support. Thank you

    1. Dawn Fortin Suitch

      I just came back home to Florida. I had been in Roanoke VA visiting my aunt and cousins who live there. I would move there but I have an 85 yr old Mom that needs me close to her here in FL. But I couldn’t agree more with you. It is truly God’s country there in SW Virginia and every person I encountered was so friendly and courteous. I hope that when my Mom passes on that I’ll be in a position to move up there.

  8. Barbara Hiller Rivers

    My heart goes out to the Brown family. It hurts my heart to see Ami suffer, She has always been the epitome. of strength and unconditional love. I am moved by the devotion each member have shown to one another .If every family would work together and care about each other’s well being what a beautifully world this would be. Let’s look beyond “just a reality show” and see a family togetherness we all could learn from. I pray God will give them strength to walk the hardest journey they have ever had to walk as Ami fights her toughest battle.

  9. ron

    believe they are all fake . bear looks to be about 5 foot tall a real midget. rumor they are rich and dont live in the woods except on the show. the boys seem to be lazy bunch doing stupid things all the time. their father seems to be all about getting the boys to do everything for him while he lays around . must be a cheap 70s clothing store near by. they wear 60 and 70s style cloths . always new and clean looking . nothing like the real bush people on other shows working day and night just to get some food and fire wood ect.

  10. Lucy Shipp

    Where are they living in LA? That is quite a house! And, I guess money is no object, since Bear gave away the boat!

  11. clay thompson

    Billy I would like to talk to you my mom had cancer and beat it 100% your wife does not have to die my mom had 6 months to live and lived 3 and a half years till she was killed call me so i can help 714 5485282 it works fast put clay on my web so I see you I can get it faster my phone does not work all the time . stop kemo & rediation mom dit it only 1 time get in touch ASAP

  12. Penny Smart

    I don’t care if the show is reality or a scam, you can’t make up that type of family caring and love for one another just for a show. I watch the show questioning some of the things, but for me it’s more about the relationships that I sure wish I had.

    Of course they make money from the show, we all know they would have to. But they’ve allowed us into their lives to watch the show for what we each take from it. For me, it’s the relationships and the strength that Amee displays for her family. For someone else, it’s most likely different.

    If you think its a scam, then don’t watch it. If you’re going to complain about it, turn off your TV. Trust me, we all know there are worse reality TV shows that are far worse than The Alaskan Bush People. When all is said and done, why do anyone of us watch reality TV?

    Best of luck to Amee and the Brown family. Despite everything your faith in God and your love with get you through any storm. My prayers are with you as you go forth in your journey.

  13. teresa

    CJ get your facts straight the mma fighter is a different matt brown

  14. Albert

    To those who claim, perhaps correctly, that this program is a scam, what are you being scammed out of? You have the option to change channels, rather than try to change others’ minds because you have discovered that there is fiction on TV. On the other hand, those of us who watch it because we like it, it does not matter how much “make believe” there is in the programming. Where else will you find an assembled group of characters like these? Where will you find a program that refrains from the kind of language and situations that are rampant on commercial television these days? It sometimes seems there is a contest to find out who can be the filthiest program on tv.
    As “politically correct” as I can be, I say to you, if you do not like it, do not watch it, but do not trash it because you fancy yourself too wise to be taken in. TV is entertainment. TV is escapism. This program is both, and the scenery is fantastic! For those of you who prefer to watch programming about cheating wives, gang murders, disrespectful children, and the other assorted trash that commercial television has become, we are not attempting to enlighten you about the reality of that type of programming. Watch it, if that is your choice. So please, be as courteous to us.

  15. Roch Linn

    May G-d Bless Sweet Ami Brown and praying for a recovery.. whatever anyone may think of the show. Is their interpretation of what an Alaskan Bush family might be….the Delightful Brown Family band together to show Respect,kindness,Love and giving…we all can learn these basic tenets on how to love each other…so many families do not care about each other..What Billy and Ami have given to their 7 children are the foundation of what a family is ..they will pass these wonderful tools on to their own families. And hopefully,it will become generational. Love of G-d,family,others…true that they make money…to be used for good…many blessings to sweet Ami. Her husband and darling children….only peace an shalom…..

  16. Julie

    I like them and the show… so they have money and chose to live simply and off the land …they’re interesting…knowing anyone is terminally I’ll is sad and they’re. Still willing to share this very real part of being human with their fans… praying for a miracle for this family and thank you for sharing your lives with us

  17. Mrs. V

    I do agree, it is terrible if the positive, human characteristics they portray are untrue, it is a let down.
    But, on the otherside it is a real eye opener to humans as to how we should bond as families, and incorporate resources that are around us for everyday life for survival. We never know what we will be dealt in life, they have taught me to look at more life survival skills.

  18. Julia Kordesicj

    Why can’t everyone wish this family the best. It doesn’t matter if they are rich living on Free land or whatever.They seem to be strong and united. If you don’t like them, don’t watch just shut up!

  19. Mark

    I pray for Amy wishing her a full. Recovery. The brown family are quite unique and I like all of them but bam bam is very irritating to say the least. He needs to lose that know it all attitude or he will never find anyone who would put up with his crap. Matt & Noah are my favorites and I love all the girls but the bear has to grow up. Billy is a good guy

  20. Millie

    Fact or fiction? Who cares it’s a great show. The best thing on tv. I pray for Ami’s recovery and the family’s strength to get through this sad time. Lots of love to the family

  21. Catherine

    The replies are silly and stupid. Only America’s 🇺🇸 would critique their own nation! Grow up and go in the bushes!


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