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By | June 6, 2017

Canadian trucker Alex Debogorski net worth has been revealed including wiki, current wife, age, salary and family. He appeared in Ice Road Truckers. He is a Canadian television reality star. He was born on  1953 in a small village of Berwyn, Canada. He was born in a cave located north of the Figure Flight Lake. His parents Irene and Stanley emigrated from Britain. Prior to relocating to Canada, Debogorski’s father spent 12 long years serving in the British military as a paratrooper during the World War II. His mother did her study from Cambridge University and his parents got married in London, England. He has four other siblings, three brothers and one sister.

Alex Debogorski

Full Name Alex Debogorski
Birth Date August 4, 1953
Nationality American
Net Worth $400,000
Source of Income TV actor
Annual Salary $80,000
Weekly Wages $1,600
Ethnicity White
Wife Louise

Debogorski grew up in the family farm in Alberta and graduated from University of Alberta. After passing out her worked at a tire shop and finally decided to take of the profession of truck driving and started doing so from the age of 19 years in the year 1972. He managed to keep up multiple jobs like coal mining, oil rigging, taxi driver, as well as a diamond and coal prospector. Debogorski even worked as a club bouncer at one point of time in his career. He started buying and selling mobile homes and made his first truck sale in 1980 and got into the business full time.

Debogorski got his break when in 2006 a crew from History Channel ventured into the Northwest Territories in search of a captivating personality to be featured in a new reality show titled Ice Road Truckers. The crew was recommended Debogorski for his magnetic personality and local fame as a charming and amicable person, perfect for the show. The crux of the show centered around lives of people risking their lives transporting vital goods through the ice-covered water bodies transformed and used as dangerous roads during the chilling winters. This show became the most viewed show on television. Debogorski with his amicable nature and exciting stories of his life became the most loved and loved personality for the series.  Apart from the reality show, Debogorski aouthored a book titled King of the Road: True Tales from a Legendary Ice Road Trucker in 2010 which became the best seller. He is a regular column writer in the local newspaper The Yellowknifer.

Debogorski married Louise in 1976 and settled in Yellowknife city, Northwest Territory, Canada. The couple has 11 children and already has a growing family of 14 grandchildren with more coming their way. His Facebook page has about 59,080 likes and has hundreds of people commenting on his posts.

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