Alysha Nett – Net Worth, Biography, Boyfriend

By | September 27, 2016

Freelancer model Alysha Nett is a popular Instagram personality whose net worth is $400 thousand. Check out her biography, boyfriend, age, to ethnicity. She is an American model posing for mixed media and is a popular face in social networking sites. With a pretty face and bleached golden hair, she has been successful in attracting millions of followers online.

Alysha Nett

Name Alysha Nett
Net Worth $400,000
Source of Income Modeling
Annual Salary $100,000
Monthly Income $8,000
Weekly Income $2,000
Daily Income $280
Birth Date September 23, 1987
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 1.62 m / 5.4 feet
Weight 48 kg
Boyfriend Mike Fuentes

Nett was born and majorly brought up in the city of Wichita, Kansas, United States on April 4th and is currently 29 years of age. She has got a younger sister named Taylor and is believed to be a Caucasian by ethnicity. Nett had a keen interest in modelling which was supported by her mother, her father being against the whole idea. However, she started modelling at a very early age and moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to pursue the same and was there for two years. Close to New York and having friends into the modelling business, she learnt the trick of the trade and soon started off well with modelling. With a little boost in her career she headed west towards Los Angeles. She was a trained hairstylist and in her early career days she was into the profession of hairstyling.

While in Los Angeles, Nett started dating a photographer. With her growing interest in him, and posing for photographs, she started uploading on MySpace, which was very popular during that time. With attractive photographs and appropriate hash-tags she was able to gather momentum in popularity. She later made online profiles in Tumbler and many other social networking sites, latest being Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Nett has flooded the internet with her sexy photographs as well as videos. She has become famous for her elaborate tattoos etched all over her body and her shoulders. She has modelled for several magazines and brands.

Apart from modelling she is a regular blogger and owner of the blog named Moose limited which deal with street fashion and lifestyle. With an asymmetrical haircut, green eyes and tattooed body, she is no ordinary next door model. She reflects that she was quite an obedient girl while growing up and had to convince her father to get a tattoo done when she was seventeen. Her name was etched on her lower back which is now covered by the huge frame tattoo on her back. Many consider her a lesbian but she simply laughs it away. Nett loves making random plans with her friends and likes partying and boozing all night. She some days hopes to host her own show on television.

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