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By | May 23, 2017

Dancer turned viner Amymarie Gaertner revealed her wiki from height, age, net worth, family, boyfriend name, source of wealth, facts and more. In the yesteryears, stardom was confined top television, movies or music. Artists on these 3 platforms had a loyal fan base and were affluent too. But in the era of social media, a new kind of stardom rose into affect. Various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Vine have led to a plethora of stars. These artists don’t any the big screen, small screen or the iPod to reach out to you and earn admiration of millions. They just exist on the internet for the billions to come to them. And this has been a killer stardom creator. Out of the many budding artists on YouTube and vine, two of which are most popular in this segment, a handful have cracked the code and are now riding on the admiration of millions as their fan base. Even their revenues have run into cool millions.

Amymarie Gaertner Net Worth

Full Name Amymarie Gaertner
Birth Date March 18, 2013
Nationality American
Height 1.70 m / 5.6 feet
Net Worth $5.4 Million
Source of Income Modeling
Annual Salary $3 Million
Ethnicity White
Boyfriend N/A

One among them is Amymarie Gaertner who began on the popular video sharing portal Vine. There, she earned a loyal fan base that then followed her to YouTube once Vine was shut down because of revenue and profit issues. Even for Amy, Youtube is an absolute win due to its billions of active users every month without fail and guaranteeing thousands in her bank account. Amy is now 23 years old, born and brought up in Ohio but resides currently in New York City.

As per a latest survey, a viner like Amymarie Gaertner earns about 25K dollars  for a 6 second video. However the net worth of Amymarie Gaertner can be estimated to be around $5.4 million. There are other well known Viners who are earning in thousands of dollars like Liza Koshy and Alissa Violet whose net worth is bit similar to Gaertner.

She started as a Viner, uploading 6 second videos at the age of 21 and earning a staggering 4.5 million followers. Now she is primarily a YouTuber via her channel, named amymariexox64. This self taught dancer and choreographer has been putting up dance videos for her half a million subscribers with over 20 million total views till now. Even better, she has starred in a YouTube original movie called Dance Camp.

What started as a humble beginning on Vine has now catapulted the fashion and travel enthusiast to major internet stardom. Even after earning this coveted title of Internet Star, Amy remains composed and dignified in her words and approach saying that she uses her social media influence to inspire, uplift and encourage others.

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