Andrew Wommack – Net Worth, House, Wife, Son

By | November 5, 2016

Andrew Wommack is a well known TV evangelist whose net worth is estimated be about $10 million. Happily married, blessed with 2 son and living in his own home. Andrew Wommack a television evangelist and spiritual healer was born on April 30th, 1949 in Texas. This celebrity is known as the teacher of the Word of Faith related to the Christian movement. On the other hand, Andrew was also known as the Andrew Wommack ministries and the Charis Bible College as well.

Andrew Wommack net worth

Name Andrew Wommack
Net Worth $10 Million
Source of Income Evangelist
Annual Salary $142,000
Monthly Income $11,800
Weekly Income $2,960
Daily Income $420
Birth Date April 30, 1949
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Wife Jamie Wommack
Ex-Girlfriend N/A

Andrew Wommack as a television evangelist and healer has earned enormous fame and his net worth has been recorded till 2017 is near about $10 million. His mission in life is to preach the words of god and to heal souls that are suffering from pain. He believes that god has sent us to preach his message to humankind and to identify the balance between the faith and grace of god.

As per Andrew Wommack had a salary of $142,901 in 2006 while ‘Andrew Wommack Ministries’ had about $8,868,78.

Andrew works as a preacher of god’s message since 1969. He broadcast his first television programme on television in 1976 named as “Gospel Truth”. After two years of this programme, he found the ministry of Andrew Wommack with the support of his wife. In the year 1980, the ministry had been moved to Colorado and continued to broadcast.

American Evangelist Andrew Wommack picture

In January 2000 Andrew takes the initiative to broadcast his programme “Gospel Truth” as a regular TV programme on INSP networks. His programme had gained enormous popularity and other channels started broadcasting it. After that, he has joined broadcasting network called trinity broadcasting networks that also delivered “gospel truth”. Born again christians can heal every soul is the message that Andrew Wommack has believed. The Charis Bible College mainly focuses on the spiritual development of the students and it has more than 600 students each year.

Andrew Wommack with his wife Jamie Wommack

There is nothing much information regarding Andrew Wommack’s personal life on the net, but it has been recorded that Andrew Wommack has married to Jamie Wommack and soon after their marriage they started preaching and possessed three small leaf of churches. The couple has been blessed with two sons called Joshua and Jonathan peter. No news regarding the property or the house owned by Andrew Wommack and family has been revealed on the internet.

9 thoughts on “Andrew Wommack – Net Worth, House, Wife, Son

  1. Diane Sommers

    Why should you have 10 million net worth by serving the lord are you not living lavish idly

    1. Lance Aeschliman

      Do you even see how much he donates to charity? Maybe you should look that up before you judge someone.

    2. David

      If you live in America and are a world wide known preacher. If you put a book out you will sell thousands of copies. Unless your an idiot you will make money. This does not mean you are a bad person people

  2. Deon du Toit

    Andrew Wommack’s ministry is straight forward with no coruption at all. He is a true and genuine man of God spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have learnt a lot from him and are still learning.

    1. Ricardo

      You have to be to STUPID to give him money donations!! He lives like a king and Jesus lived like a homeless…what kind of teaching is he giving ??
      Just for reading from The Biable??
      $50.000 a month…this mother F$$ should be ashamed!!!
      That is why I hate these CHARLATANES…

  3. Beloved

    First of all the Bible says that a workman is worthy of His wages and so don’t muzzle the mouth of the ox… And he who preaches the Gospel should live of it.

    Second of all Rich Mullins made millions but never saw most of it because he donated it. How do you know Andrew Wommack isn’t living on a couple thousand a month of that money ?

    Third the reason Jesus was poor was to make us rich according to 2 corinthians 8

    And fourth is he your servant? Why are you judging him?

  4. Patrick Martin

    Andrew lives moderately.
    He is a true man of God. The fruit in his life shows a genuine love for God and 4 people. He is one of the best witnesses of someone who is teaching and leading so many people deeper into their walk with Christ.


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