Andy Bassich Biography, Net Worth, Age from Life Below Zero

By | March 20, 2017

Appeared in Life Below Zero, Andy Bassich revealed his net worth along with biography, real age, wife, family, early life and more. Seen in a completely different reality show of National geographic Channel and Andy Bassich is a star from there. He goes through from a tough life battle every day. His life is full of adventures and this is the subject of the show. He is renowned musher by profession. Andy with his wife Kate runs a survival school and also a dog mushing school in Alaska. The name of their school is Alaska-Yukon Adventures.

Andy Bassich

Full Name Andy Bassich
Birth Date 1959
Nationality American
Net Worth $250 Thousand
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $100,000
Ethnicity White
Wife Kate

Andy Bassich, the brave woodsman, whose net worth is $ 250 thousand, is a well-educated person. He has attended the John F. Kennedy high school and he became a carpenter and cabinet maker. He has completed his graduation course on 1976 and started traveling.

He was so long in Alaska and moved there on 1980. He worked as a riverboat captain there for twenty years. After spending so much time there he moved to Washington D.C but after a few times, he realized that the city life is not for him. So he returned back to Alaska and this time with his spouse Kate. Kate left the show recently and left their institute too. Andy is now alone in his dream life and spending his precious times with his sled dogs team.

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In Alaska, Andy lives the wildest life and he found his food by hunting and harvesting. Andy has chosen the life not just to make money but it is his passion. To survive in a Life Below Zero Andy gone through by the hardest works. Andy and his wife Kate have launched their own website and they offer the Life Below Zero Bush Lifestyle Camp from there.

Andy recently disclosed his reason to leave Washington; he was in a search for more peace and serenity. He was in Virginia then for his work but the different and exciting life of Alaska always attracted him and he moved there.  At her young age, he got the support of her grandmother to choose a brave life. There is no proper electricity in his house of Alaska but there is a solar power in his home.

13 thoughts on “Andy Bassich Biography, Net Worth, Age from Life Below Zero

  1. Serena

    We have a huge amount of respect of Andy.
    To commit and stick to living this sort of life, on your own now, when time is rolling along and taking youth with it, lends itself to a spirit one can only admire. His devotion to and care for his dogs is heart-warming and true.
    We (myself and my partner) are delighted to have Andy (back) on the show, however much we miss beautiful Kate and wish her well and every success in her own ventures…life chucks in spanners and expects the wheels to keep turning.
    People like Andy make that happen.
    We are seeing a different side to Andy now – full of pure love for life, its challenges and appreciation of its beauty.
    it is an honour to be able to share this with him through his eyes.
    Thank you Andy

  2. Chet Ertl

    Andy,I like watching your part of the show,because you are such an engineer at everything you do,good job!you have the smarts and tools to do it right,thanks

  3. Zorica

    Love the show so much, that I can’t get enough ! Andy is extremely talented man! Kate and Andy always give me a warm feeling and I get transformed into their life stile – I used to dream living somewhere South, now I’m dreaming about Alaska. To bad Kate is gone. Advice for producers : Do not cut anything from the show (swearing, ways of hunting) , those people are who they are- real people , real life!!!!

  4. Judith

    If Andy reads this, and I hope he does, I too appreciate your multiple talents and heartfelt zest for the life you live. Perhaps time took a toll on Kate, I do not know. But I will say that the other two women featured on Life Below Zero who partnered with their men are made from different ‘stuff’ than Kate.
    I think you chose pretty and cute for a partner. Something can be learned from that. The women featured (Martha May and Agnes) are married and working side by side, hand in hand with their men, are pretty too. But, they are of a nature to anticipate and jump right in or make a stand for themselves, taking a front seat when needed. We are not always attracted to that which compliments and strengthens our nature. Perhaps it is time now to learn how to take advantage of someone else’s talents to soften the load. God bless you.

  5. India B

    Andy commending you on your professionalism & dedication to yourself as well as your huskies! My daughter & I are just awe struck how industrialist and intelligent you are. Kate was right about one thing; “he works day & night like an ant, never stopping; from sun up till sun down”…!! Your engineering or “MacGyver ” skills is genius. Hey relationships sometimes don’t work but you were the star & backbone of the show . Hoping Kate finds her passion as well & wishing her the best but that life was too hard for her. Good luck Kate. We love watching you because you are organized , neat & clean and a thinker. Can’t say that about the Hailstones. Unorganized, lack of hygiene just infuriates us. She is not much of a good representation of her tribe for living generations in the same lifestyle. She could pick up a few skills, like organization and hygiene& cleanliness around her workspace tips from you for not being a native of the land. Okay Andy don’t change for anyone. You deserve the fruit of the land and our utmost respect!!

  6. Daniel Lee

    Andy although a hard worker should really have treated kate a little better life much more with two..But as we all know two sides to every story, after all she is a woman and they can be difficult at The show is great but sue is just over the top with some of her crap,but it is tv.If I were Glen I’d find me a women,lol but maybe that’s why he went there to not be bothered with

  7. Gary Himes

    Is Andy on this year’s shows (2017)? I’ve seen new episodes, but no Andy. Anyone know ?

  8. George craig

    Most of the Alaskans from these great shows are poor shots. Sue, a couple of the Kilchers and the Hailstone family need range time badly. Someone needs to clue Jane Kilcher in on the effect of failing to hold a big game rifle tight enough against your shoulder to absorb recoil and prevent contact of the scope into the area of the eye.
    Shooting an animal from the rear (in some places referred to as a “TexasHard Shot”) is about as poor ethically as the crippling leg shots seemingly sensored from some setups.

  9. Lisa

    Hello from Texas,

    My son Thomas would love to come and learn from Andy and live his life style. Thomas is a hard worker and would enjoy helping him with his projects! He is 24 years old.
    Is there a way to contact Andy personally?

  10. Debbie Stedman

    Hi Andy, we are from Durban in South Africa. We are relocating to Bahrain in the middle east for a few years and then wanting to emigrate to Canada /Alaska. Would love to experience your lifestyle.

  11. jack jarvis

    how do you feed your dogs the fish you catch in the wheel ? do you grind the fish up into small chunks ? I thought fish were bad for dogs because of the bones in them and they mint get cought in the dogs throat. thanks jack

  12. Chris

    I love watching Sue! The show makes me think about being more self sufficient here in Missouri. I wish I could go and visit all the people on the show and tell them how cool they are and I hope the show continues for many years.


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