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By | September 3, 2016

Deadliest Catch star Andy Hillstrand’s net worth is today $2 million. Find the biography of this TV personality, age, wife, children and source of income. He is a reality star who has made great name in reality shows as fisherman. This Andy Hillstrand popularity began to rise since he starred in Discovery Channel series titled ‘’Deadliest Catch’’. He has a brother named Johnathan Hillstrand and it is with his brother he runs family business under the name ‘’Time Bandit’’ which is a commercial fishing vessel of length 113 foot and there are 137 pots in this vessel. Three brothers perform the roles of boat mechanic to perfection.

Andy Hillstrand

Name Andy Hillstrand
Birth Date September 25, 1963
Nationality American
Net Worth $2 Million
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $150,000
Monthly Income $12,500
Ethnicity White
Height 5.8 feet
Wife Sabrina
Children 02

Andy Hillstrand’s father and his grandfather were fishermen and this Andy Hillstrand got the title of fisherman from his dad and from his grandfather. This Andy Hillstrand worked as a fisherman for almost three decades of his life before he stepped into the discovery Channel series titled ‘’Deadliest Catch’’. This show is all about having most catch before fishing season gets over. It must be noted that when fishing for crabs this Andy Hillstrand would be present on the deck and would count crabs. This entire fishing gets captured by two member camera crew and they stay with Andy Hillstrand and others and record the proceedings.

Andy Hillstrand apart from his fisherman activities is also known for his musical activities. He is at ease playing guitar, drums as well as got great ability to write music. Another activity that he likes is hunting He has another brother named Neal Hillstrand and the trio of brothers have done superbly working together for ”Time Bandit” and they have caught the attention of many. This Andy Hillstrand takes his profession of fishing very seriously. This Andy Hillstrand married a beautiful lady named Sabrina 26 years before and the couple were blessed with two lovely daughters. He and his wife Sabrina teach riding of horse to others and they are also involved in training of horses. He has got a 17 acre ranch and Andy stays there along with his family. His collections of remote controlled aircrafts are simply superb.  Andy Hillstrand is a pet lover and his two dogs are treated superbly by him.

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