Antonio Cesaro

By | March 4, 2016

Antonio Cesaro is the ring name of wrestler Claudio Castagnoli whose net worth is of $1.5 million in 2015. He is globally acclaimed for his signature move: The Neutralizer. If he is asked where he is from, you would get to hear the name of the wonderful country called Switzerland. He is open about how proud he feels to be a Swiss superstar. He does not think twice when it comes to remind allies and enemies of his Lucerne hometown.

dollarNet Worth – $1.5 Million

Antonio Cesaro Profile


Full Name: Claudio Castagnoli

Birth Date

Birthday27th of December 1980


Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.95 m / 6.5 feet

105 kg




Girlfriend: N/A

Ex-Girlfriend:  Sara Del Rey

He proved himself on various European rugby teams but he was not allowed to continue playing because of his unnecessary aggression. He then made up his mind to use this fury in the wrestling ring. He got his skills polished in Europe as well as many other parts of the world.

He can conveniently speak five different languages because of which he does not find it difficult to travel around the world for WWE. He is truly in a class unto himself. This guy from the Land of the Alps is a professional trainer of Olympic weightlifting. He weighs around 230 pounds and managed to make a mark as a wrestler in 2011. We have got an opportunity to witness many mind boggling moments in the ring all because of this grappler. His wrestling matches are truly a treat to watch. He could be a superstar in the wrestling arena but he is underestimated by many people. If his potential would be recognized well, his success would kiss the sky.

Since 2005, Antonio has won several awards and made numerous achievements as a sportsperson. He has won the Tag World Grand Prix in 2005 and 2006. He has won the Ring of Honor awards too along with WWE championship trophies. The thirty four year old wrestler has managed to earn considerable amount of money through wrestling and endorsements. Winning bonuses also fetch him many dollars. As recorded in 2015, his earning is exceeding 2 lakh dollars. His net worth is a mind boggling amount of 15 lakh dollars. The income that he manages to earn through endorsements is more than 68,000 dollars. The winning bonus in the current year is around 90000 dollars. It has risen by 50000 dollars in the last two years. According to the contracts that he has signed, his salary in the coming year (2016) is assumed to reach 4 lakh dollars.

Antonio Cesaro’s Net Worth $1.5 Million
Birthday Date December 27, 1980
Yearly Income $0.4 Million
Monthly Income $33,000
Weekly Income $8,000
Daily Income $1,100

His market value is more than 25 lakh dollars which is again a very handsome amount.

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