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By | May 26, 2016

So in 2017, Arturo Vidal net worth has been estimated of $16 million while his contract salary is $6 million today.  His full name is Arturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo, was born in the San Joaquin community and was brought up in Santiagio, Chile. This 29 year old Taurus is famous as an international footballer, especially for his mid-fielding capabilities. From his humble existence to his football career, Vidal able to draw handsome salary today!

Arturo Vidal Salary in 2017
$6 Million
Arturo Vidal Net Worth $16 Million
Source of Income  Footballer
Monthly Income  $500,000
Weekly Income  $1,25,000
Daily Income  $17,800
Club Name  Earning
Copa America  $1,045,000
Bayern Munich  $1,344,000
Colo-Colo $2,895,000

dollarNet Worth – $16Million


Full Name: Arturo Erasmo Vidal PardoArturo Vidal profile

Annual Salary: $6 Million

Birth Date

Birthday22nd of May1987


Ethnicity: white

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.80 m / 5.10 feet

75 kg



Wife: Maria Teresa Matus

Ex Girlfriend: N/A

His talent for football was first discovered by his uncle and he first started playing for the club Colo-Colo, Chile. He, after playing in Bundesliga club for four seasons moved to Juventus and won consecutively for all the seasons. He appeared internationally numerous times and was capped about 70 times for his home team!

Vidal’s playing style slowly shifted from being a midfielder to being both a defence and an attacker. Due to his box-to-box playing style he earned the nickname Guerriero and Rey Arturo translated as a warrior and King Arthur respectively. He is noted to be one of the fast paced energetic player who keeps the opponent panting for breathe! He is also the most and first preferred penalty-kicker for his accurate vision and power-packed kicks.

In 2015, Vidal decided to join the Munich club after signing a hefty amount of 25 million pounds with 2.1 million pounds extra, every week! He signed the deal for the next four seasons and was assigned the number 23 since then.

In 2015, he was charged with the case of drinking and driving and suffered minor injuries due to the accident. His driving license was ceased and was banned for two years; however he continued to play for the season. Vidal married Maria Teresa Matus in 2005, currently with a son and a beautiful daughter.

Famous footballer Arturo Vidal Arturo Vidal net worth

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