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By | October 6, 2016

The young singer Aston Merrygold was the part of JLS boy band whose net worth is £6 million which is equal to $7.8 million. Find his girlfriend name, ethnicity to family info. Aston Ian Merrygold was born in Peterborough, UK. Merrygold is a much acclaimed, celebrated British singer and also a successful song writer. Apart from being a famous singer and composer, he is also a terrific dancer and a television personality.

Aston Merrygold

Name Aston Iain Merrygold
Net Worth £6 million ($7.8 Million)
Source of Income Singing
Annual Salary $1 Million
Monthly Income $83,000
Weekly Income $20,750
Daily Income $2,900
Birth Date February 13, 1988
Ethnicity Jamaican and Anglo-Irish
Height 1.65 m / 5.5 feet
Weight 64 kg
Girlfriend Sarah Richards
Ex-Girlfriend Emma Rigby (2012)
Louisa Lytton (2006-2007)

He is popularly known for being a member of the famous British boy band JLS and they were the runners up in the fifth series of THE X FACTOR. However, the JLS had a split and Merrygold came out as an individual singer and took over the position of judge in the dance reality show ‘GOT TO DANCE’.

Merrygold has a net income of 6 million pound and he is the proud owner of a Ferrari and Audi r8 blue sports car worth 152,000 dollars and 99,000 dollars respectively.

Merrygold started his own career at a very early age when he appeared as Michael Jackson in the TV show ‘STAS IN THEIR EYES’ and it was in 2002. Later on he joined the well known pop star studio in Fletton Peterborough as an entertainer. He also joined the ITV programmed in 2014, ’FUN SONG FACTORY’. It was in 2008 when they auditioned for the fifth series of the tv series X factor and there they acquired the second place. It was much later when JLS started their recording after getting collaborated with Epic Records. After the Band’ One Direction’, they (JLS) were the most successful and popular band. They have four releases of studio albums namely (JLS, JUKE BOX, and OUTTA THIS WORLD AND EVOLUTION). They have a record of 10 million sold all over the world, elevating their prestige and position.

Aston Merrygold car

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In 2012 Merrygold became the judge of the talent show ‘GOT TO DANCE’ and he appeared along with other celebrated dance troops Pussycat Dolls and Diversity. It was in 2014, that Merrygold  got a high opportunity to brush up his career as he had  collaborated with Warner Bros and released  the debut  album, ‘SHOWSTOPPER’. Then there was another release, a lead single one, ‘Get Stupid’ in 2015. He also had a single album release in Australia ’Show Me’. Merrygold  made a fashion statement for Nintendo Wil Party and he had  also advertised for coca cola. Merrygold is known for his charity works and he is the brand ambassador of ‘beatbullying’.  Apart from that, he never fails to appear on ‘Children In Need’ night show and Aston with JLS had appeared in 5 charity programmes’.

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