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Lance Mackey – Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wife

Lance Mackey is a professional dog musher share his bio including net worth, age, family, source of wealth, girlfriend turned wife, facts and more. He is a popular dog musher and a sled dog racer has been declared the winner of Yukon Quest and Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race for 4 times each. He won the first titles from each of the events in 2007 and became the first ever person to win them both simultaneously. Having made this almost impossible task possible, he has nominated for ESPY award in 2007. He also went on to win the Veterinarians’ award in the same year for his win in the Yukon Quest. Overwhelmed on his win, he proudly spoke that the award meant more to him than winning the race itself.


Lance Mackey
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Colleen Gallagher Instagram Model – Wiki, Height, Age

Instagram model Colleen Gallagher revealed her wiki from height, age, net worth, education, family, source of wealth, boyfriend name and facts. She is an American bikini model, entrepreneur and an Instagram star. With her striking hot figure and dusky skin tone, Gallagher has been successful in overcoming her visual disability and achieving great heights in life.

Colleen Gallagher

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Jay Paul Molinere – Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Wife

Jay Paul Molinere is a MMA who appeared in Swamp People share his wiki, height, net worth, family, girlfriend turned wife, source of wealth and more. History TV’s ‘Swamp People’ has swept across our screens since its inception in 2010 and stayed popular since. The show remains one of the highest rated for History channel and even in all of television. Currently in its eighth season, a win in all aspects, the story of this reality shows is all about day to day activities of Louisiana and hunting American alligator for a living.  Among the 20 strong star cast is Jay Paul Molinere. Jay is a Native American sharpshooter and alligator hunter. He hunts with his father R.J. Molinere, also a popular figure on the show. His father, the strong and bulky one wrestles with the mighty alligators and Jay shoots them with flair.

Jay Paul Molinere

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Ariel Tweto – Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend

Ariel Tweto appeared in Flying Wild Alaska show shared her wiki from net worth, height, age, boyfriend name, source of wealth, family, facts and more. Whatever you watch, keep reality shows to yourself as a guilty pleasure. This is a common saying among television viewers but things have changed over time. A rare gem among reality shows is ‘Flying Wild Alaska’ which aired for 3 seasons on Discovery channel from 2011 to 2012. It is one of a kind reality show which has a documentary nature and tone to it and featured the Tweto family from Unalakleet, Alaska who run the Alaskan airline Era Alaska. It shows the expert aviators operate hub operations from Unalakleet. Sounds freaking interesting. Doesn’t it?

Ariel Tweto

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James Hetfield – Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age

The superstar vocalist James Hetfield net worth is now $180 million as on 2017. Being a well knownj guitarist, check out his wiki, height, age and source of wealth. He is an American vocalist and musician and has made a good name in the music industry since 1978. He is a pro guitar player and even is a talented vocalist, songwriter, musician and a song producer.

James Hetfield Net Worth

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Christy Mack Net Worth – Wiki, Height, Age

Model turned adult actress Christy Mack net worth has been estimated of $500 thousand. Check out her wiki from height, age, boyfriend, measurements and facts. She was born on 9 May 1991, in South Chicago Heights, Lllinois. But she has been raised in Edinburgh Indiana. She is also a brilliant dancer and adult actress. Her nationality is the United States and is Caucasian by ethnicity. By utilizing her extreme talent, she achieved huge success and fame. She began her career in modeling in 2011. She is very fond of tattoos that before her 16th birthday, she started getting tattoos. She even told that her tattoos make her feel beautiful and credits them with her success.

Christy Mack

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Uldouz Wallace – Wiki, Height, Age, Facts

Uldouz Wallace is a model turned actress share her wiki including height, age, net worth, family, boyfriend name, facts, nationality and more. She is an extremely popular social media personality, model and famous actress. She has over 1 Million followers and set a milestone on Instagram. She is also known for her roles in the popular movies, ‘Good Luck Chuck’, ‘Guardian Angel’ and ‘Sister Code’. She has the vine account as well named as Uldouz. She has more than 340,000 followers on her vine account.

Uldouz Wallace

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Shu Qi Net Worth – Wiki, Height, Age, Spouse

Glamorous model turned actress Shu Qi net worth estimated to be $20 million. Check out her wiki, height, age, husband, source of wealth & facts. Today, she is one of the most beautiful Taiwanese actress and model. Shu qi is her stage name and the real name is Lin Li-hui. She is also popular as Hsu Chi and Shu Kei (Cantonese pronunciation of “Shu Qi”). She was born on April 16, 1976 in Xindian township, Taipei County. She was much interested in acting from her childhood days. At the age of 17, she went to Hong Kong for her film career. There, she got a chance to work under management of Hong Kong film producer Manfred Wong.


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Cynthia Lennon Net Worth – Wiki and Properties

The English musician Cynthia Lennon net worth estimated about $3 million which she left behind. Check out her wiki, married life and source of wealth updated in 2017. Lennon was the former wife of famous musician John Lennon. She was born in Blackpoll, Lancashire, England. She has done schooling in Liverpool’s Junior Art School and then completed her studies in art at the Liverpool College of Art. She has grown up in middle class section, in North West England.

Cynthia Lennon

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