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Bobby Jones Golfer Net Worth, Wiki, Family

Renowned golf player Bobby Jones  left huge net worth after he passed away. Check his biography, glory in Golf, education and earning info. Bobby Jones was a star golfer, who was also a lawyer. Bobby Jones was a hugely influential person in the sports world. He had several contributions in the golf world. Bobby Jones has founded and designed Augusta National Golf Club and he was one of the key persons behind the Masters Tournament. He is armature golfer, who has played the game on the international and national level both. He passed away on 1971 but his contributions are still priceless in the Golf world. He has won most the matches of his days against all the renowned and master players of his era.

Bobby Jones Net Worth

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Raymond van Barneveld Net Worth earned from Dart Game

After winning several matches Raymond van Barneveld total net worth reaches to $2.5 million. Check out his wiki, source of income, salary, wife as on 2017. Raymond Van is one of the richest Dart players of the world. He is a Dutch man who plays the game at a professional level. He plays under Professional Darts Cooperation these days. This man has so many awards, rewards, and records in his success bag.  He has won the World Championship for five times and he won the UK Open twice. If we are discussing the titles he has won, then there actually lots of names came according to the years. He has started his winning trend with Las Vegas Classic and then he continued the tradition with Premier league Darts and the Grand Slam of Darts game.

Raymond Van Barneveld Net Worth

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Rick Petko Net Worth, Wiki, Shop from American Chopper

Passion for motorbike, Rick Petko appeared in American Chopper has a net worth of $1.75 million. Check out his wiki, annual salary, shop, wife & children. Motorbike is the passion for some people sand Rick Petko is one of them. He has made is passion the source of his income. He has joined the Orange County Chopper as a fabricator of the group and he has made his way to become a part of television as reality television star. Rick Petko is one of the major parts of American Chopper. American Chopper was a popular reality show on Discovery channel and later it has been shifted to TLC channel as one of the most sought after a show of the channel.

Rick Petko Net Worth

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Kenny Smith Net Worth, Biography, Daughters, Assets

The former American basketball player Kenny Smith net worth is now $10 million. Born in 1965, his annual salary is about $1.5 million, married and has 3 children. Kenny Smith retired from the field on 1997 but the fame of Smith is as gorgeous as it was. He was a star player of National Basketball Association and because of his game plan, his game strategies and brilliant moves on the basketball court he got the chance to play for many popular teams of America. Among the list of his teams, there are Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, Detroit Piston and Denver Nuggets. He is popular on the field with his nickname “The Jet”.

Kenny Smith Net Worth

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Kevin Trudeau Net Worth updated in 2017

The renowned American author Kevin Trudeau net worth nearly $10 million, however Kevin suffered from debt in past. Check his source of income & salary in 2017. Kevin Trudeau is a name of an entrepreneur of America, who has made his own identity with his various works on different fields. He is an author, pool enthusiast and he is also a convicted fraudster. The name of Kevin Trudeau is quite a popular in the radio world. He is an infomercial salesman.

Kevin Trudeau Net Worth

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Mike Murdock Net Worth

Commonly known as singer, Mike Murdock is also a Pastor and today Mike Murdock net worth is nearly about $5 million. Check out his biography, and salary in 2017. He is also a popular televangelist and a respectable Pastor of Wisdom Centre Ministry. He has got most of the recognition due to his idea of prosperity theology. He is a real popular figure of America and his net worth is also very high. He has achieved $ 5 million from his great career. He appeared on television with his own show Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock. It is a famous television show on Christian wisdom.

Mike Murdock Net Worth

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Paige Wyatt Net Worth, Bio, Age 2017

The popular TV actress Rich Wyatt is a hot babe has a net worth is $1 million. Check out her wiki, real age, car, salary and boyfriend name in 2017. Wyatt is one of the cutest members of the Wyatt family of Discovery show American Guns. The theme of the show is the Gun Shop of Rich Wyatt, the stepfather of Paige. Their gun store is named as Gunsmoke Guns. Paige also helped her stepfather and her other family members to run the store properly and this is the reason that she is now a celebrity. Paige is a renowned face of American television. She has a special bonding with her stepfather. She is in one word a daddy’s girl. Paige has also entered the modeling world as a glamor model of America. Paige Wyatt is the sales associate of her father’s company.

Paige Wyatt
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Peter Crouch Net Worth, Bio, Salary & Wife 2017

The 2.01 m tall British footballer Peter Crouch net worth is about $35 million. while his annual salary is $4 million, check his monthly and weekly income in 2017. Tall and handsome English striker Peter Crouch is a renowned name in world football. He is an expensive and valuable player of Stoke City, which is a premier league club of the country. He also played for his country 42 times as he was in the England National team. He is one of the most traveled players of the team and he is, of course, one of the richest sportspersons of the team. He appeared two times for World Cup as a team member of England team. He has started his career as a player of Tottenham Hotspur, he was a trainee there.

Peter Crouch
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Todd Howard Net Worth, Bio, Salary 2017

Well known American game designer Todd Howard  net worth is huge as calculated in 2017. Check out his bio, wife name, salary & children. Todd Howard is one of the kings of the video game. He is a director, producer, and designer of a video game. Now he is a producer of Bethesda Game Studios. Todd is a rich man whose net worth is $ 15 million now. He has earned huge wealth by his video gaming career. Fallout and Elder Scrolls Series, these two are under development projects of Todd now. He is the video game hero and he is on the list of “Top 20 Most Influential People in Gaming “according to Game Pro magazine. He is in that position for last twenty years. He is also on the list of “Top Game Creators of All Time” according to IGN.

Todd Howard Net Worth

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Sadik Hadzovic Net Worth – Stats, Wiki, Religion

The handsome fitness model from Bosnia and Herzegovina Sadik Hadzovic  net worth is about $750 thousand. Check his wiki, stats, religion and age. Sadik is a name of a fitness star of America. IFBB Professional classic Physique Competitor Sadik has won many awards for his stunning physique. He is the idol of the world of showmanship. He won the World Physique Championship four times. Sadik is the classiest macho man for the front page of many fitness magazines. He was the first winner of Arnold Sports Festival Pro Men’s Physique Contest. He also has taken part in the Mr. Olympia physique showdown competition two times. He is also the owner of his own e-commerce site, which is a great way to know more about this fitness star. His website is a worldwide popular website for the fitness freak people.

Sadik Hadzovic Net Worth

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