Azma Fallah – Wiki, Age, Nationality, Family

By | July 6, 2017

Azma Fallah is a rising youtube star who shared her wiki from height, age, family, net worth, nationality and salary. Check Azma Fallah updated bio and boyfriend details. Azma Fallah, the trending youtuber in Pakistan has always been in news because if her YouTube videos. The way she speaks about any particular topic or incident that to on this social media shows how bold she is in her approach. Azma Fallah belongs to Islamic ethnicity group. At this young age she has become a star and has gained tremendous fame through her YouTube videos.

Azma Fallah

Full Name Azma Fallah
Birth Date September 21, 1992
Nationality Pakistani
Height 5.5 feet /1.67 m
Parents Under Review
Net Worth $20,000
Source of Income Vlogger
Annual Salary $12,000
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity Punjabi
Boyfriend N/A

Azma Fallah is not only an active youtuber, but she makes sure that her presence remains eye- catchy in other media as well. She is also quite active on Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr and Pintrest. She keeps on posting engaging videos or posts quite frequently and has become the badass girl of Pakistan. She also an official website named where her followers can find Azma Fallah’s pictures, videos, posts and many more.

azma fallah at her house's roof

This young youtuber was also compared to Emma Watson and Katrina Kaif in few of her videos and you will be astonished to know that majority was in favour of Azma Fallah when compared to these two beautiful and talented actresses. Occasionally she also posts videos of her, which do not have any topic to talk about in the entire video, but just in order to flaunt her beautiful dresses and express herself such videos are uploaded sometimes. If you have a question or want to ask her to upload a YouTube video of your choice, then one can always do that by giving details such as his name, email id and the message dialog box that is present under the Contact Forum section of her official website. Despite being busy in her videos, she always replies to people who leave her relevant and appropriate messages. Don’t forget to check out other similar Vlogger like Liza Koshy and Kalel Culle who has huge worth as compared to Azma .

Pakistan, being a country where girls are not given the freedom to speak, Azma Fallah is breaking all stereotypes and setting an example for all the females out there. She is giving a strong message to every woman out in her country that if she can do it than even you can. Though her exact networth is not known but it is expected that she has earned quite a large amount from YouTube videos alone.

Vlogger Azma Fallah

She never runs out of high spirit and possess the courage to post about celebrities, politicians and every incident taking place around her. She never worries about what the consequences will be after talking about celebrities or politicians on a social forum openly. This badass nature of Azma Fallah surely has gained a huge number of followers for her and she has become a role model for many girls in Pakistan. She is quite young and has achieved quite a more than what people of her age normally does. Her facebook page has more than 24k followers, Tweeter has more than 450 followers and YouTube of course has followers figure in thousands. She is similar to the youtuber Dhinchak Pooja of India. Azma Fallah however has described herself as an actress in her social accounts. She doesn’t sing or act in her videos but she simply talks. And it is her talent quotient only that she has gained a strong fan following just by expressing her thoughts on particular events through social media.

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    I’ll give you more information I don’t know she is Pakistani or not but she lives in Pune, India. And she is BBA student studying in Azam campus, Pune

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    Azma it’s beauty and nice girl, * she’s the best in the world *


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