Bart Scott Net Worth – Bio, Height, Salary, Age

By | April 24, 2017

Today this NFL player Bart Scott net worth is estimated to be $8 million. Check out his bio, height, age, contract salary in 2017 and more. Bart AKA Bartholomew Edward Scott is a former NFL player of America and he played as the linebacker for a long eleven seasons and his track record as a footballer is really amazing. He started his game at his college; Southern Illinois University and then he carried forward his talent as a team member of Baltimore Ravens. He was the undrafted free agent from the team.

Bart Scott net worth

Full Name Bartholomew Edward Bart Scott
Birth Date August 18, 1980
Nationality American
Height 1.88 meter
Parents Bart Capers & Dorita Adams
Net Worth $8 million
Source of Income Footballer
Contract amount for six years (2009) $48 million
Ethnicity Black
Wife Darnesha Scott

He is one of the wealthy footballers of NFL and his net worth is now $8 million. His salary per year from the channel is now roughly $2 million. Many sites are claiming that the net worth of Bart Scott is nearly $5 million which is incorrect data, because he had a contract salary of $48 million about 8 years back, then how come his worth would be so less.

Another big achievement of his career was selecting to the Pro Bowl, in the year of 2006. After completing a successful football career he has joined the CBS television as an NFL analyst. He also played for another team, the New York Jets for 4 seasons.

Other professional NFL players has similar worth like Gerald mccoy, Jameis winston, and Akbar gbaja biamila.

He was born on 18th August of 1980 in Michigan of Detroit. His parents were Dorita Adams and Bart Capers. He was brought up in a poor and disturbed ambiance in Detroit. When he was in his school, Southeastern High School, he has started relished his passion for football. He played at the linebacker and running back position in his school. His record on the field was too much impressive; he ended the school with 76 tackles. Besides his high scoring football record, his academic score was truly poor. At the senior classes he has got the grades back and also received the scholarship from Illinois University and during his college days, he selected for the Baltimore Ravens. Bart also achieved his educational degree in those days, in Economics. He was in the team Baltimore Ravens from 2002 to 2008. His journey with the team was flawless and he also signed a big fat contract with New York Jets and has played as a free agent for the two teams at a time also. He has presented The NFL Today show on CBS. As a game analyst, he also acquired so much fame. He married to Darnesha and they have two children, one daughter, and one son. In his successful career there also lots of controversies.

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