5 Ways to Investing Money for Better Return

By | July 11, 2017

Before you start investing your hard earned money, it’s necessary to find the best way to get better returns either from short or long term. There is a myth said, “Money brings money”. The word means that if you have money, then you can make it large and optimum. Now the question is how it can be said? An earning person whether he is doing a job or business generally invests his money in the bank as a fixed deposit. The bank gives an interest against it, and the sum expands. Ask yourself how much return do you get from the bank in a short or an extended period! Not more that 10% in a year and this amount is certainly not sufficient to support all your expenses. There is a better place to invest your money, and some of them are mentioned below.

Money Investment

5 Proven Best Investment Options

So hold your cash before you start investing and look at these 10 ways to invest that offer much better returns:

Stock market

Invest in stock market for better return

The stock market is the widest investment place where you can earn a huge besides the losses are also part of this if you play it wrong. The stock market always goes up and down, and you must know where to invest your money properly. You need to understand that a long-term appearance is more beneficial than a short term investment while buying a share. Before purchasing a share, you have to watch the company stock price going up or down. A growing share is not a good choice because it can fall again and make your money down. So, to buy shares of a company, better is to wait for the time when the prices are down, and that will grow higher than a high price share of a company. Also read richest hedge fund manager across the world.

Real Estate

Real estate

Our population is ever-increasing and a country like India it becomes a major issue now. So real estate investment is the very sensible choice for making your money wisely. Before investing your money in buying a land, you must think about the location and the future of that place you want to invest.  So purchase a place where near future people will come to buy and make their home or business, and that will give you the fruit of your investment.

Mutual Fund

Investing in mutual fund do provide good return

The best investment of your wealth is a mutual fund. Your investment is divided into various companies, and that is why risk in the mutual fund is the less than the other investment and gives you a good return. Two types of mutual funds are there, which are Mid-cap mutual funds and small-cap mutual funds. They have the capability to make your money growth by the small or medium term. The best option is to use your money in long term period where you can get high returns.

Recurring deposits

recuring deposit

Recurring deposit is a monthly investment that is similar to the fixed deposit offered by the bank. Different from the fixed deposit (FD) is in FD you have to invest your money at one time, and it will be back with a long term period where RD norms you can invest your sum monthly on a regular basis, and you will get the same benefit like FD with the similar interest rate. The term of the RD is from 6 months to 10 years. People choose the recurring deposit due to it is offered by the banks in India, and that is why the wealth is more secure than the market investment.

Buy Land

This is a long term strategy to get 5 to 10 times return in 15 years of time. Try to buy plot which are on road side. This will surely give you far much better return. Make sure to verify all legal documents before buying on-road land.

As a normal human being, every person needs money because the government is not responsible for you and as well as your family in terms your financial condition. You cannot buy happiness with the money, but you can lead a better life yourself and your family if you have the money freedom. So you must learn how to invest your money that will make your life beautiful and keep you safe from the financial crisis.

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