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By | January 11, 2017

Part of Dog the Bounty Hunter Beth Chapman net worth, family, real age, measurements, husband name details provided and updated in 2017. Beth Chapman the reality television star was born as Alice Elizabeth Smith and she changed her name to Beth Chapman after her marriage with Duane Chapman. She got all her fame because of the reality television shows Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, which aired on 2013 and then she appeared on another show Dog: The Family Speaks. The, most noted television work of her life is of course Dog and the Bounty Hunter with her other family members and her husband Duane Chapman.

Net Worth – $0.5 Million

Beth Chapman Net WorthName: Alice Elizabeth Smith

Annual Salary: $75,000

DOB: 29th October 1967

Height: 1.73 m / 5.7 feet

Husband: Duane Chapman

Ethnicity: White

Beth was born on 1967 in Denver of Colorado. This is also the place where she raised also. In her early days, Beth was a originally a baseball player, she got her interest in baseball from her father Garry Smith. He worked for Kansas City Athlete.

This hot and happening married twice. Her first marriage was with Keith A. Barmore on 1991 and then she gave birth her child with husband Keith Cecily Chapman. She had another child before Cecily, Dominic Davis. This child is from her another relationship before her marriage.

Duration of this marriage was not very long, after divorcing her husband she started dating with Duane Chapman. Duane is a real colorful person, he has many relationships and twelve children in his life. After welcoming Duane in her life, Beth joined the bounty hunter team of Duane. They got married on 2006. This relation of bail bondsman Duane has proved as the longest relationship of his life. Beth is the fifth wife of Duane. Beth has a daughter and a son from her marriage with Duane, her daughter’s name is Bonnie Chapman and her son’s name is Garry Chapman.

Their show broadcasted on A&E television and the entire shoots at Hawaii.

Beth has started her television career before she met Duane. She is also a producer of various television shows, where she appeared too.

Beth has a giant physique and loud voice and there also a rumor that she went for a weight loss treatment to reduce her belly fat and also had a breast augmentation treatment. She bagged nearly $0.5 million net worth from her career. She also concentrating on her acting career now.

There are lots of controversies about the reality star couple Duane and Beth. Beth charged for having the concealed weapons and she also has an issue of shoplifting. Apart from all of the allegations, this star couple has achieved so much fame and fortune from their television career.

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