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By | October 1, 2016

The tall bulky British rapper Big Narstie has a net worth of £2.1 million which is equal to $3 million. His original name is Tyrone Lindo and earns $500 thousand every year. He is popularly known to the world as an internet personality. The original name of this famous personality is Tyrone Lindo but for his enormous fans, he is Big Narstie. He is the one of the members of the grime crew N Double A and gained huge popularity.  On 16th November 1985, he was born in Lambeth of London, this is the place where he raised up also. He did his graduation from Stock Well Park High school and then he completed his education journey from Platanos College.

Big Narstie

Name Tyrone Lindo
Net Worth $3 Million
Source of Income Rapper
Annual Salary $500,000
Annual Salary in Pound £385,000
Monthly Income $41,000
Weekly Income $10,250
Daily Income $1,400
Birth Date November 16, 1985
Ethnicity Black
Height N/A
Weight 69 kg
Girlfriend N/A
Ex-Girlfriend N/A

From 2006 he has started a dazzling career by signing the contract with Independent label of Dice recording. From there the ‘cold play’ made. The major hit of this personality is “Brushman”, according to the RWD Magazine it was the ‘song of the year’ of 2006. He is associated with many big names and this is another reason of his eminence. Ed Sheeran, JME, N-Dubz, P Money, Professor Green and Chipmunk all are come to this genre. The remix version by Big Narsite, the track of Professor Green ‘’Before I Die Remix” was a big hit so the ‘Mind of a Ft Guy’ of N-Dubz.

‘Pain Overload’, is the solo track of Big, which was released as a CD in 2012. This Superhit track was later released for free downloads. It was by SB TV. 2012 was a truly a fruitful year for Big Narstie. Another big hit from his bag was released in this year, ‘Love is Pain’. He consequently won two Urban Music Award in 2012 and also in 2013, because his tracks were selected as the best grime act.  On the year 2013, he made the record of highest selling grime EP.

His performances on the Wireless Festival is very remarkable for his fans, he also performs in many festivals of Europe.

Recently his career is designed with another gem of success, when his solo ‘When the Bassline drops’ hit the list of Top Ten UK songs and also the song is certified as the gold track.

He also has another interest in life, he performed to the Dubplate Drama. He is a goop comedian too, and Uncle Pain, his YouTube series is really very popular.

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