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By | February 29, 2016

Popular Martial artist Billy Blanks Net Worth is now $30 million. He is also a fitness Guru and his annual salary is $1.5 million that he earns from investment and existing business. From his birth he painfully endured movement impairment due to the incongruity of his hip joints. He never lost courage even after many teasing episodes and reluctant dismissals. A ray of hope enlightened him thoroughly when he happened to join karate classes having inspired by Bruce Lee. He studied karate and ‘tae kwon do’ with a deep insights in the subject that never left him idle.

dollarNet Worth – $30 Million

Billy Blanks profile


Full Name: Billy Wayne Blanks

Birth Date

Birthday 1st of September 1955


Ethnicity: Black

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.82 m / 5.10 feet





Wife: Tomoko Sato

Ex-Wife: Gayle H. Godfrey

After accomplishing karate, he aimed to be a world martial arts champion. In late 80s, he body guarded a top actress Catherine Bach during the making of ‘Driving Force’. The producer was too impressed not to add his character in the script. This made way to his fame in ‘King of the Kick boxers’ and ‘Bloodfist’. He devised a Tae Bo workout, owning a karate studio in Massachusetts. His prime focus was on martial arts and boxing. As his popularity grew, he inaugurated another fitness centre in Los Angeles that engrossed many celebrity clients.

Full Name Billy Wayne Blanks
Billy Blanks Net Worth $30 Million
Source of Wealth Acting
Monthly Income $125,000
Weekly Income $31,000
Daily Income $4,400

His fame grew far and wide. His unique Tae Bo training videos and DVD’s have done a quiet satisfactory business. This helps him to earned a renowned personality. He has traveled and visited many cities in different countries holding martial arts and kick boxing drill sessions. Gayle. H. Godfreyn, his karate classmate wedded Billy and adopted Shellie soon after their marriage. Having Shellie come of age, his father prominently featured her in his all Tae Bo videos and her brother too landed up as a fitness instructor.

Billy Blanks house

Billy Blanks’ acting in ‘The last Boy Scout’ and ‘Expect No mercy’ brought him such a fame that had never before triumphed in his life. These blockbuster movies earned him a great deal of money. Since then he never settled for a compromise. He also featured in two TV series namely ‘The parkers’ and ‘The fairly odd parents’ in the year 1999 and 2003 respectively.

Even today at the age of sixty, he is restless and never misses an opportunity to promote healthy lifestyle. Today he has earned 30 million dollars and actively invests some of his money in charitable events and fitness club establishments. Billy Blanks aims to having a fitness conscious world with a desperate touch of karate and martial arts.

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