Celebrities Born in 1954

These are the list of Celebrities who are born in 1954 year.

Photo Name DOB Nationality
Famous business women Tina Knowles Tina Knowles Monday, January 04, 1954 American
Ted Dibiase net worth Ted Dibiase Forme Monday, January 18, 1954 American
Matt Groening Monday, February 15, 1954 American
Ron Howard net worth Ron Howard Monday, March 01, 1954 American
Roddy Piper Net Worth Roddy Piper Saturday, April 17, 1954 Canadian
Marvin Hagler Marvin Hagler Sunday, May 23, 1954 American
Gregg Leakes Gregg Leakes Wednesday, August 18, 1954 American
Al Roker Al Roker Friday, August 20, 1954 American
Carly Fiorina Carly Fiorina Monday, September 06, 1954 American
Al Sharpton Net Worth Al Sharpton Sunday, October 03, 1954 American