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By | December 5, 2017

Everyone wanted to know Bob Beckel net worth. He worked in Fox news with a salary of $10 million. Check his bio, age, siblings, family, car, house info. Bob Beckel is a political analyst, formerly working with Fox News channel. His real name is Robert G. Beckel. He had been the co-anchor of the show ‘The Five’. His personal views are democratic and hence he is sometimes called democratic analyst. He is the host of Crossfire Sunday. America‘s newsroom is another show where he has featured. He is also a professor of presidential politics at George Washington University. In addition, he works as a columnist for USA Today. image source:

Bob Beckel

Full Name Robert Gilliland Beckel
Birth Date November 15, 1948
Nationality American
Height 5.1 feet / 1.55 m
Parents Ellen Gilliland Beckel and Cambridge Graham Beckel Jr.
Net Worth $25 Million
Source of Income Television presenter
Annual Salary $1 Million
Sibling Graham Beckelsiblings
Children Alec Beckel
Ethnicity White
Ex-Wife Leland Beckel

Biography and Wiki

Bob was born in New York City on 1948.  He was born to Cambridge Graham Beckel Jr and Ellen Gilliland Beckel. He got his initial upbringing in Lyme, Connecticut. While he was a BA student at Wagner University, he assisted Robert F. Kennedy for his presidential campaign. This cemented the way for his political career in the future. He was also a football player at his college level.


In the years 1971 to 1972, after he had just graduated from college, he worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Philippines. After his graduation, he joined Carter administration. Over there, he was the youngest deputy Secretary of State. He also helped Walter Mondale in his campaigning in 1984.


Bob Beckel faced serious injury followed by surgery of his back, which resulted in loss of job. But, he kept hope and tried seeking newer opportunities. In 2011, he became the co-host of the Five and was present there for 708 episodes. One of his main contributions was that he enabled the ratification of the ‘Panama Canal Treaty’. One of the funniest moments he faced was in his interview with Soccer fans, when he questioned them why the Soccer World Cup is amazing. He was put under critical eye for his short temper. He was once terminated from the panel of ‘The Five’ for an insensitive remark, blurted accidentally. Later, when returned to the Fox News show, he was given a warm welcome.

Net Worth of Bob Beckel

Bob Beckel has a net worth of 25 million USD. His annual salary is 1 million USD. His luxury home is worth $1.7 USD. He has a good car collection including Mercedes Benz and Ford. Recently, he purchased a brand new Porsche Luxury car, which is priced at 185,000 dollars.

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