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By | February 20, 2017

Part of Last Alaskans, Bob Harte revealed his wiki including net worth, real age, family, daughter, education details updated in 2017. Life, adventure, and risk these three words are synonymous for the people from the reality series of Animal Planet, The Last Alaskans. Bob Harte is one of the stars of the show, who is stealing the fame on a regular basis due to his ways to playing the deadlier games with his own life. He is facing his death every day but he is still living the life with risk. He attacked and wounded by gunshots, he has faced the wildlife attacks and fires. There also the incident of crash landing in his prop plane and the more fearing incident he has faced.

Bob Harte

Full Name: Bob Harte

Net Worth: $600 Thousand

Source of Income: TV Personality

Ex-Wife: Nancy

Please note that there is not confirmed net worth details of Bob Harte, but it is estimated that his total worth should be around $600 thousand. To find a free life, this brave man has left his city life in New Jersey. He spent 40 years in isolation with wife and daughter. But after his divorce, he wanted to become free from the confinement of a limited city boundary so he has chosen the life he really loved and pursued his career and in his life in this. He is living a homestead life Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It was a drastic decision of Bob Harte’s life to choose a hard life there. He had a dog, Ruger and he loves his pet very much. There actually a place for his dog in his cabin. He never left his cabin until he got the news from the doctor that he is suffering from cancer. This man is full of life and he believes that whenever he will get back his right health, he will return to his cabin with his dog.

Bob Harte has attended college in his city but he dropped out from his college. He always wanted a free life where he can live an adventurous life, so he joined the show and has received a huge fan following. Even he has a fan page on Facebook. He is a wild rebel of the show who lives the life which is completely different. He has a lust to know more, to explore more of the world. He can face all the difficulties for that. Another love of Bob is his daughter, he loves her the most.

26 thoughts on “Bob Harte Wiki, Net Worth, Age – Last Alaskans

  1. Beth Merrell

    We watch you Bob all the time, you seem like a member of the family. Your lust for life and smile are wonderful, hope your feeling better. And one day my return to your beloved cabin in the beautiful woods. What we would give to spend one night in your peace!!
    We are in our 50’s and are raising a grandson of 6
    We camp and fish and spend as much time as we can outside and by a campfire here in the mountains of
    Wyoming is beautiful here and fishing for trout is great
    If you get to go on your travels visit!!!
    God Bless you, and may good days co e your way!!
    A big HI to your daughter and Nancy.
    The Merrell’s

  2. Georgia Baldwin

    I love Bob Harte for following his heart and not let anything stand in his way. Even when his wife left him. I hate he had to suffer for a period of time. Hope he’s alright and will return to the show when he is better, I know that by the grace of the good lord he will be O.K. and once again return to the life he love,and be successful once again..

  3. Debbie O'Neal

    I absolutely LOVE The Last Alaskans!! I’ve never missed an episode. I saw tonight, when the last episode was about to play, that this one was the finale in both the season and the series. I am broken- hearted! Come on, you guys!!! PLEASE don’t cancel this wonderful show!! There’s nothing else like it, and I’ve grown to love and care about Bob, the Seldens, the Lewises, the Korths and the others you have introduced to us on this wonderful TV show! Come on, DISCOVERY!! Please don’t take them away from all of us!!

  4. Larry Gilbert

    Bob, I watch the show all the time and I am a huge fan of yours. I’m 64 years old and watching you in your own element brings me great peace as you have a wonderful temperament. I pray for you and your health and that you are able to return to the place you have loved for the last 40 years. If that’s not possible, then enjoy being in the company of your daughter and grandchild. You are loved and admired by many my friend!

  5. Marilyn Bann

    Bob, so sorry to hear of your illness,
    Praying for a complete recovery.
    Love the Alaskans.

  6. Valerie Meyd

    Did Talicia have a boy or girl? Is mom and baby healthy? Just wondering. There are no postings on the internet to update us and many people would love to know.

  7. Robin McCoy

    My brother introduced me to the show I had moved in with him because he was in poor health and had to have care in every area of his life. He loved to watch The Last Alaskans!!! Watching the show brought happiness into his life. Three days before he passed we watched the show in the hospital. The show brought me some peace because it was something we enjoyed together. My heart breaks to find out that Bob Harte has passed. Please don’t take the show off!! I can’t imagine not watching the show. It is helping me with the grieving process. Please don’t take the show off.

    1. Mike Fournier

      Reading these emails I was not aware that Bob had passed on. My hope is that the family will be able to read this.
      Bob dream was the wilderness. He wanted his family to live with him with the same passion but it’s not for everyone. God gave him the desire of his heart. May the God of peace comfort your hearts in your time of pain.


    2. Joe Carr

      I’m not sure if Bob has died. I thought that too but I got a reply to the contrary. I’m hoping that reply is correct. Wishing you the best in 2018.


    Nancy Harte you are a special person. To go a get Bob and get him the help he needed was so touching. So sorry for your loss of Bob. We will all miss his adventures and stories.

  9. claudia Reid

    So sad rest in peace I really enjoy your story you will be missed

  10. Bill Jacobs

    I watched two episodes of the Last Alaskan for the first time last nite. Right after Bob had passed.
    The 1st episode was of his daughter visiting him. And the second was when his x-wife came to visit.
    I am 64.This was the most moving two hours television that I have ever seen. And i feel honored to have watched it.

  11. Ben Donaldson

    Today I cried when I saw the announcement of your passing ,you were my favorite may God give you a mountain and cabin to rest forever..RIP……..Bob……….praying for your Daughter……..Betty

  12. debbie hardy

    dearest bob & family survivors, thank you all for the inspiration for appreciating all that is truly free, simple but adventurous! In a world that all matters family, your wonderful pets and God’s country you made us all appreciate struggles, hardships and simple joys by sharing how you endured. you truly will be missed. prayers for you & devoted family…

  13. Ana Beauchamp

    RIP Bob. I will miss you!
    I didn’t know the show was cancelled??? I love that show!
    Im very disappointed DISCOVERY.

  14. Michelle Gagne

    Talicia & Nancy, my heart breaks for you both! I just watched an episode of The Last Alaskans last night and at the end there was an In memory of Bob Harte 2017 posted. 😢
    I realized I hadn’t seen him in a few episodes, yet thought he might be in town for treatments. Please accept my condolences, after the fact; he was a remarkable man! Talicia, I also lost my dad to cancer; such a horrible way to lose a parent!! Sending love, hugs & prayers from New Hampshire. Michelle

  15. Pay Milita

    Bob…you touched my heart. If only others in our world had your love of life and your free spirit.

  16. Terry Nelson

    It broke my heart when I watched the “Last Alaskans” show that aired on July 27, 2017, and saw that Bob Harte had passed on. I pray that God has blessed you with an Alaska in Heaven! Bob always showed his big heart, right along side of his toughness. The love he showed for Nancy and his daughter was as sincere and heartfelt as you could ever imagine. I wished Animal Planet would make up a “Bob Harte Life Special” of all of the parts of shows gone past, showing only Bob’s parts. I loved you Bob, I pray for you!

  17. fred b woods

    ThIS bob harte, was a. wonderful person, i have lived like he did, but not in alaska, in ,Texas. God has walked with him like me. ,i felt his loanlyness, God touched this man, he was example of the kind of people that built thIS GREAT NATION.

  18. Tammy

    So sad he had to leave this world so soon, we need more Bob Hartes in this world it was a better place with him here. RIP

  19. Peter Kearley

    Bob seemed like a wonderful Man.I will miss his presence on the show.Bob’s flying his plane in the heavenly skies.

  20. Charles Thomas

    Loved bob Harte for his appreciation of life, his sincere and simple ways, his love of the outdoors, his bravery in facing his last challenge and his beautiful and optimistic attitude. The world is a little dimmer since he left us. RIP Bob. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  21. Paul Munoz

    RIP Bob,. I am sorry you did not get to leave this world in your cabin. It would have been truly fitting. Good luck to your family. You were one of a kind and the best on the show. Your thoughts/vision/insight was wonderful and there is a blank space in my life now that you are gone..

    Paul, New Yoirk


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