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By | February 29, 2016

Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s net worth has been revealed by Reuters. The Reuters’ reports concluded that Mr. Jindal has minimum USD 3.9 million as his net worth. This figure is the minimum amount that is guaranteed from his known sources of income. Jindal has around twenty six investment accounts as per the net worth analysis of Reuters. He has at least 02 bank accounts in United States whose worth range from at least 3.9 million dollars to 11.3 million dollars.

dollarNet Worth – $3.9 Million



Full Name: Piyush Bobby Jindal

Birth Date

Birthday 10th of June 1971


Ethnicity: Indian

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.75 m / 5.7 feet





Wife: Supriya Jolly Jindal

Children: Slade Ryan Jindal, Selia Elizabeth Jindal, Shaan Robert Jindal

The assets of the Indian American politician are somewhere between USD 401,000 to 675,000 in past seventeen months. Also, he is planning to publish a book titled “American Will: The Forgotten Choices That Changed Our Republic” that has received USD 76,000 advance payment. It is also reported that Bobby Jindal earns USD 20,000 from Louisiana as the state governor’s salary. He is also one of the presidential candidates for 2016 U.S. presidential elections, though many believe his chances are quite low.

Mr. Jindal once said in an interview, “I planned to be born wealthy, but that didn’t work.” Although he was not born rich, he is a multi-millionaire politician of United States today. His net worth has been on steady rise from year 2005, and he is touted as one of the richest Congress members. He was ranked 118th on the richest politicos list that had total 435 members.

The annual salary of Mr. Jindal is USD 130,000 as the governor of Louisiana. Also, this is only the disclosed wealth of Mr. Jindal which he had to show within a range as presidential candidate. This is the reason actual personal wealth of Mr. Jindal cannot be known accurately.

Jindal also do invest in stock market and holding over $100,000 of stocks in Albemarl. He also invested in few mutual funds like Albermarel ($50,000) along with retirement fund of $15,000. However, these assets supposedly belongs to Mr. Jindal’s wife. Even if we take this into account, his net worth is 90% more than this assets. Jindal’s net worth has lion’s share coming from money market, mutual funds, trading and investments. Also, his financial disclosure form proves that Jindal participates in trade actively.

Whether he emerges a strong presidential candidate or not, but he will nonetheless remain one of the richest politicians of United States.

Bobby Jindal Net Worth $3.9 Million
Name Piyush Bobby Jindal
Source of Wealth Politician
Yearly Income $350,000
Monthly Income $29,000
Weekly Income $4,000
Daily Income $570

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