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By | March 24, 2017

Snake loving man Brian Barczyk revealed his net worth. Check out his biography, current age, nationality, wife name, properties and more.  He is a unique reptile wrangler. His love for animals and reptiles made him to choose breeding of snakes as his livelihood at a very early age. His popularity shot up tremendously once he was featured on Discovery Channel’s popular show‘Venom hunters’. The show made him a recognizable face and he started making decent money, along with his snake breeding business.

Brian Barczyk

Real Name Brian Barczyk
Birth Date September 6, 1969
Nationality American
Net Worth $4 Million
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $300,000
Ethnicity White
Wife Lori

Brian Barczyk being a famous vlogger and the owner of two YouTube channels, getting a net worth of $4 million as of in 2017. His web series in YouTube Animal Bytes Tv has more than 564,000 subscribers and receives millions of views for each video he uploads. Brian started earning his livelihood from breeding snaked in earlier days. Then his TV reality show Venom Hunters on discovery channel made him popular worldwide and made to earn a good wealth.

When Brian was just two years old, he saw his first snake at a zoo. He slowly became a passionate snake lover. He used to catch small snakes after school, and feed them and care for them. His love for reptiles grew such that he chose to turn his passion into a career choice.

Along with the snake breeding business, Brian also started producing a web show Snake Bytes TV, and his videos were played as episodes on a BHP Reptiles show. His YouTube channel ‘Animal Bytes TV’ has become over half a million subscribers and its popularity is soaring with each passing day.

On the personal front, we have Lori Barczyk, who is Brian’s soul mate. Brian says it was a love at first sight when he saw Lori at a friend’s party. During the initial phase of courtship, Lori was very conflicted; because she hated snakes! But eventually, she started spending more and more time with Brian in taking care of snakes, breeding them and she warmed up to his lifestyle. They got married in 1992 and soon after had baby Jade. All this before Brian had even turned twenty!

Brian purchased a house at the age of twenty itself. He is very much protective towards snakes at his home. The first car he owned was a Chevette and currently he drives a 2004 GMC truck.Brian continues doing what he loves, except now he has a business up and running, with his own facility that has a crew of 12 snake handlers and over 50,000 snakes! If you ask Brian, he couldn’t have asked for a better job.

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