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By | June 24, 2017

TV star Briana Renee revealed her net worth from wiki, height, age, and source of wealth. Find her husband, children, family, salary and facts detail. Lifetime’s realty series Little Women: LA, made quite a noise when it first premiered. The reality show which revolves around the lives of little women who lives in Los Angeles, California. The show was an instant hit, due to its handling of a unique concept and it never craved for any sympathy or forced pity. The show is the celebration of the lives of these little women who making the most of the life they have been gifted with. Briana Renee is one of the main cast members of this reality show.

Briana Renee

Full Name Briana Renee
Birth Date September 30, 1982
Nationality American
Height 3.1 feet / 0.94 m
Net Worth $500 Thousand
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $100,000
Children Leiana Manson
Ethnicity Caucasian
Husband Matt Ericson
Leif Manson(divorced in 2013)

Briana Renee was born and raised in San Diego but later moved to Los Angeles. Her birth date falls on 19 April, 1983. She has a lot of talent which adds to her reality TV career. She is a singer, dancer, entertainer designer, business entrepreneur and an all-round performer. The reality show Little Women: LA, wasn’t Briana’s first television venture. In 2013, a year before her reality TV debut, she appeared in an episode of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. Briana also got the opportunity to shine on the large screen when she was casted in the 2015 parody film, The Internship Games. The film was directed by Tania Zee, who also acted with Briana in the film.

Briana was married to Leif Manson, but the marriage fell apart and they got divorced. However, Manson and Briana have a daughter together named Leiana. Upon her separation from her ex-husband, Briana is raising their daughter as a single parent.

Being hooked to social media has been a passion for Briana. Every update of her life is available in her twitter and Instagram accounts. Whether its public appearances, radio interviews, TV interviews, parties, meet-and-greets and all the other fun things, she has everything uploaded to her Twitter handle. It was through one of these posts, that she revealed the heart warming story of how her daughter Leiana was bullied in school for being a little person. Briana expressed through her Twitter profile that she had a conversation with her daughter on what Dwarfism is and why they are little. It was a beautiful thing to notice on social media.

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