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By | November 13, 2017

Muscular British rapper Bugzy Malone net worth is nearly $2.5 million estimated in 2017. Check out his wiki from height, age, house and car he own. He is a singer cum rapper who is well known in the world of contemporary music. His real name is Aaron Davis. He has been a key pioneer in the revival of the grime genre of music. He has become one of the most popular grime artists of UK. Some of his released projects are “Why So Serious” and “Lost in Meanwhile City”. In the year 2012, Bugzy Malone became the champion of the Manchester Heat of Converse MC Competition. Image Source: https://mcd.ie/

Bugzy Malone

Full Name Aaron Davis
Birth Date December 20, 1990
Nationality British
Height 6.2 feet /1.85 m
Parents Under Review
Bugzy Malone Net Worth $2.5 Million
Source of Income Rapper
Annual Salary $570,000
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity Black
Girlfriend Possibly Single

Bugzy cum Aaron Davis was born on 20th December in the year 1990. His birthplace is Manchester, London. His birth sign is Sagittarius. Malone’s journey to becoming a musician was full of hardships. He was quite creative and artistic as a child. But, there were family disturbances which seriously affected his life style and emotions. He got involved in a brawl and landed in prison, during his teenage. When he was released, he was under huge pressure as he had to begin from nil. At first, he tried to establish his career as a boxer. But he found it tough to control his anguish during trials.

Eventually, he realized that he must find a solid way to establish himself. He realized that his short temper and excitement make him a natural musician. While performing a music item, he need not hide his emotion, but instead can express them fully. Malone resorted to music therapy to pacify his mind, which had suffered so much of emotional turmoil. He selected the genre ‘Grime’ as it related to his struggling life. His first music video release was in the year 2010. There are other popular rappers like No Malice and Kreayshawn who are earning well.

Gradually, he learnt to create impact on the viewers. He decided to share his mix tapes on web based sharing platforms like You Tube. His strategy worked and viewers quickly turned into his fans.  Malone’s music pieces have depth and connect the listener to real life experiences. One of his songs titled ‘Pain’ gives an account of the trauma which Malone underwent in real life. Later, Bugzy has teamed up with Stormzy for promoting and uploading their music videos. A sad and aggressive Bugzy Malone has now become Master of Ceremonies owing to his persistence for music.

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