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By | June 14, 2017

Weight lifter turned actor C.T. Fletcher revealed his net worth including age, house, wife, life’s bio and career. Born in 1959, today he earn a decent salary. He is a legend in the weightlifting world and till date holds a prestigious position in the realm of extremely fit people across the globe. His estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

C-T-Fletcher Net Worth

Full Name C.T. Fletcher
Birth Date June 08, 1959
Nationality American
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Source of Income Acting
Annual Salary $80,000
Ethnicity Black
Wife Married Twice

Fletcher was born on 1959 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. His father Walter Fletcher was a field worker and a preacher and his mother Ogie Rea Fletcher was a teenage housewife. When he was one year old, the family moved to Compton. Fletcher attended junior high school in Lakewood, California and majorly grew up there. While in California, Fletcher’s father purchased a church and he, his elder brother Walt and mother joined the choir. As a child, Fletcher was under strict parents and was frequently under severe physical abuse by his parents, specially his father. In order to be away from home, Fletcher took up a job in the gas station when he was only 12 years of age, but was denied by his father and compelled to work in the church. In 1997, he finally got his freedom and joined the US Army posted in Germany. Fletcher married his high school sweetheart and lived there in complete freedom.

In 1997 Fletcher started taking interest in martial arts and by 1979 he came second in black belt. He idolized Bruce Lee and next Mohammed Ali and wanted to become strong and powerful like them. In-between Fletcher took up the US postal service job and started weightlifting from 1980. He attended gym 7 days a week and was diligent on maintaining the routine. He entered several power lifting competitions and won recognition for his strength and physique. He is a 6 time World Champion, 3 time World Bench Press winner and 3 time World Strict Curl Champion. His major achievement was in 1995 where he lifted 7-05 pounds in the Baddest Bench Press in America.

With a lot of stress and irregular high calorie fast food consumption, Fletcher was diagnosed with extreme hypertension. He lost his mother in 2004 which was a big blow for him psychologically. In 2005 he underwent a complicated open heart surgery and was flat line three times during the operation. During this rough patch he was extremely weak and frail and thus made up his mind to regain his fitness. Fletcher started working out slowly and gradually and came back in shape with a fit body and a fresh mind. Fletcher divorced and remarried and currently has 7 children and one grandson. He has 1.1m followers on Instagram and released his documentary in 2015 titled CT Fletcher: My Obsession. He was also seen in I Accidentally Domed You Son (2004) and The Hit (2007). He is the founder and owner of Iron Addicts gym and health supplements. There are gyms in Signal Hill, California, Los Angeles, Miami, Florida and even Australia. His 10 Commandment of Muscle Growth became an extremely popular post amongst his followers.

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