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By | November 20, 2016

After breakup, the young Calvin Harris net worth is about $63 million as per Forbes. Check out his house, car, real age & girlfriend list till 2017. Calvin Harris whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles is a famous DJ, record producer, songwriter and song producer. Calvin Harris was born on 17th January 1984 in Scotland. This Scottish celebrity has been recognised as the highest paid DJ in the industry.

Calvin Harris Net Worth

Name Adam Richard Wiles
Net Worth $63 Million
Source of Income DJ
Annual Salary $14 Million
Monthly Income $1,166,000
Weekly Income $291,500
Daily Income $41,600
Birth Date January 17, 1984
Ethnicity British
Height 1.97 m /6.5 feet
Weight 93 kg
Girlfriend Single
Ex-Girlfriend Taylor Swift (2015-2016)
Aarika Wolf (2014-2015)
Rita Ora (2013-2014)

Due to his multi-talented avatar, Calvin Harris has expected to earn huge wealth in the course of this career and his net worth has been recorded as near about $63 million dollars.

As the interest of the music industry is ever shifting, therefore, he has evidently employed his efforts and moved from being an unknown musician to the highest paid DJ in the music industry. His first album has released in 2007 and he got his recognition at the international level in 2012. After this, she has been recognised as one of the most prominent names in electronic pop music. He has got the bulk of live concerts in Los Angeles where he is able to fly in his private jet and maintain the image of one of the highest paid DJ’s in the world.

Calvin Harris recently puts his house for sell after the break up with his girlfriend and the current market price of this house is about $10 million.

Calvin harris planning to sell his house

At the initial of his career, Calvin Harris took interest in music though none of his parents is related to music. In his effort to set the first step in the music industry Calvin Harris has released two songs ‘Da Bongos’ and ‘Brighter Days’, but these two songs have failed to acquire much popularity and it gave the taste of the industry to this newcomers celebrity. Later he decided to come to London in order to obtain knowledge regarding their sense of music and he has released one song but that too has failed to obtain popularity.

Calvin Harris' car

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Like other newcomers celebrities, Calvin Harris concentrated on MySpace that gave a boost to his career. In the succeeding time of period, Calvin Harris has proved his capabilities and got the highest rank among other celebrities in the music industry while breaking the limit of everyone else’s expectation. Recently he has released an album collaborated with Rihanna called ‘This Is What You Came For’.

Calvin Harris with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris with Taylor Swift before break up

In the context of his personal life, Calvin Harris has been observed to be consuming a lot of alcohol but he has stated that he is not an alcoholic and this is what he actually does.  He had many past records of dating different celebrities like Rita Ora along with Swift Tylore in 2015. But these relationships have failed to exercise any remark on Calvin Harris and as per the records, Calvin Harris is still a single man. On the other hand, no information regarding his houses or property has been found on the internet until now, but it can be assumed that being the highest paid DJ Calvin Harris has earned a great amount of property.

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