Carey Price

By | April 21, 2016

He is one of the famous professional ice hockey players who hail from Canada. His popularity increased further because of his wife who joined a reality show. Since joining the professional league since 2007, his wealth has reached enormous proportions. His net worth is $29 Million and he has an estimated annual salary of $12 Million. The multi million contract deals with his ice hockey team are enough to secure his future. The bulk of his income is also derived from his investments in real estate, personal business, and huge endorsement deals. He has impressive record stats and is a consistent recipient of numerous goal tending awards.

Carey Price Salary in 2017  $7 Million
Carey Price Net Worth  $29 Million
Source of Income  Ice Hockey
Monthly Income  $583,000
Weekly Income  $145,800
Daily Income  $20,800

dollarNet Worth – $29 Million


Full Name: Carey PriceCarey Price Profile

Annual Salary: $7 Million

Birth Date

Birthday16th of August 1987


Ethnicity: White

Sister: Kayla Price

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.90 m / 6.2 feet

99 Kg



Wife: Angela Price

Ex Girlfriend: Not applicable

He comes from a family of ice hockey players and is a native of Vancouver. He credits the diligent training he got from his father who is also a record goaltender. The iced creek in their community is where he trained hard and mastered his goal tending moves. His first taste of international success was way back in 2005. Even if the game is too intense and physically exhausting,the ice hockey superstar displayed a great sense of professionalism and admirable sportsmanship. He never showed any rude behavior and always remains calm and relaxed as he showed his skills on the white field.

He met his wife during an arranged date setup by a friend after an ice hockey tournament in 2000. They got married in 2013. When she joined a reality show, his fans got a rare glimpse of how the player leads his personal life on a daily basis.

Popular ice hockey player Carey Price Carey Price net worth

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