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Halima Rashid Jackson Net Worth – Wiki, Family

Entrepreneur Halima Rashid Jackson net worth has been revealed. Check out her wiki, real age, ethnicity, husband, children, family and more in 2017.  Rashid is from a wealthy family who was born in 1970 in Afghanistan. Even though she belongs to an extremely wealthy family, she works for the betterment of women and their education.… Read More »

Gil Bates Bio, Net Worth, Family, Children, Facts

Gil Bates is an entrepreneur and tv star revealed his biography, current net worth, family, age, house, business, total children and career detail. Known for having a Big Family tree and a Reality TV star, Gil along with his sons runs a Tree- Cutting Business. Apart from this, Gil was voted as the most Outstanding… Read More »

Iris Apfel Net Worth – Businesswoman Wiki, Age

The inspirational nanny Iris Apfel  revealed her net worth of $25 million. Check out her wiki, real age, house, children and source of income. Old is gold and this is very true for Iris Apfel. This 95 years old woman is a fashion icon of America. She is an interior designer and also a business… Read More »

Todd Howard Net Worth, Bio, Salary 2017

Well known American game designer Todd Howard  net worth is huge as calculated in 2017. Check out his bio, wife name, salary & children. Todd Howard is one of the kings of the video game. He is a director, producer, and designer of a video game. Now he is a producer of Bethesda Game Studios.… Read More »

Raamdeo Agrawal Net Worth and Biography

The Indian stock market guru Raamdeo Agrawal has a net worth of Rs 2,700 Crore which is about 415 million in USD. Read his biography, education and success story. Raamdeo Agrawal is a well known face in India as a stock market guru. He co-owns a trading company along with his college friend and is… Read More »

Christian Von Koenigsegg

Owner of Koenigsess Automotive Christian Von Koenigsegg is from Sweden has net worth of about $100 million and has about 65 employees in 2017. All the sports car lovers must have come across Christian Koenugsegg, famous for being the founder and owner of a sports car manufacturing company. He himself rides a $2 million super… Read More »

N.R Narayana Murthy

The pillar of giant IT company N.R Narayana Murthy has a total net worth of $1.8 billion as on in 2017.  He is a gold medalist and receive a salary of $50 million. Narayana Murthy is an Indian industrialist whose life story is the perfect example of success from rags to riches. He is a… Read More »

Tom Sosnoff Biography- Net Worth after selling Thinkorswim

The successful entrepreneur Tom Sosnoff is from NYC who was borned in 1957.Today his net worth is about $450 million after selling out Thinkorswim for $606 million. Tom Sosnoff is a well known entrepreneur, who based in Chicago.  He is the man behind Thinkorswim, a revolutionary software platform for options trading. Another move of this… Read More »

Joe Gorga Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife

Husband of famous TV star, Joe Gorga has a negative net worth of $1.5 million. They tried to sell their house but the deal didn’t  workout out. Joe Gorga is a valuable part of the popular reality television show The Real Housewives of New Jersey. He is not a direct cast member of the show;… Read More »

Anastasia Soare Net Worth, Bio, Age, Family

Born in Romania, Anastasia Soare is an Entrepreneur whose net worth is about $50 million. She earn huge amount by selling beauty products on her website. In one word, Anastasia Soare is a fashion fiesta, who is the person behind “Anastasia Bravely Hills”. It is one of the most illustrious cosmetic brands of the fashion… Read More »