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Clint Frazier (NY Yankees) Salary, Bio, Age, Family

Clint Frazier is playing from New York Yankees whose salary has been revealed. Find out his bio from height, age, siblings, net worth & family info. When we talk of professional baseball players, Clint Frazier is a known name. Clint Jackson Frazier who is also nicknamed as the “Red Thunder” is an American baseball player.… Read More »

Andrew Benintendi Wiki, Salary, Siblings & Family

Young player Andrew Benintendi signed a latest contract salary of $549 thousand in 2017. Find out his wiki from height, age, net worth, siblings and family. He is a professional American baseball outfielder. Benintendi was born in July 6 in the year 1994 at Cincinnati, Ohio. The young player presently is twenty-three years old and… Read More »

Eddie Murray Net Worth – Bio, House, Family, Facts

Former Baseball player Eddie Murray net worth is about $13 million. Born in California his nick name is Steady Eddie, find out his bio, height, age, & family detail.  In the year 1977, Eddie was named ‘American League Rookie of the Year’ and thus gained the nickname Steady Eddie. He is the switch hitting first… Read More »

Shane Victorino Net Worth – Wiki, Height, Age

Professional baseball player Shane Victorino net worth has been reported to be $35 million. Check out his wiki, height, age, salary, and source of wealth.  He is one of the three outfielders in the defensive position and was a free agent.  He drew a salary of 1.173 million USD in 2015.

Kris Bryant Updated Net Worth and Salary

This is updated Kris Bryant salary and net worth as on 2017. Playing from Chicago Cubs, he is getting about $0.65 million annual and going to marry to his girlfriend. Kris Bryant is a professional Baseball Player of America. He is one of the kings of the baseball world. This is his skill and strategy… Read More »

Jason Kipnis Net Worth and Saslary in 2017

Jason Kipnis is a well known baseball player whose net worth is $20 million now in 2017. He signed a contract for 6 years worth $52.5 million back in 2014.  That means the overall salary of Jason Kipnis is about $8.75 million from contract itself. Born in the year 1987 in Illinois in USA Jason… Read More »

Casey Daigle Net Worth

Baseball player Casey Daigle net worth is today $5 million. Sean  was born in 1981, currently pitching for Fresno Grizzlies, married to Jennie Finch and has a contract salary updated in 2017. Casey Daigle studied in Sulphur HS in LA, USA. It was in the year 2004 this 1.98m tall Sean made his  debut and pitched… Read More »

Matt Mantei Net Worth

Former baseball player Matt Mantei net worth is now $12 million.  His nick name is MAN-tie, was born in 1973, received $0.75 million salary in 20015, he is married to Erica Mantei.  It must be noted that he had played for three teams and they were Florida Marlins, Arizona Diamondbacks and Boston Red Sox. He… Read More »

Jim Abbott Net Worth

Former baseball player Jim Abbott net worth is today $50 million dollar. His is married to  Dana Abbott in 1991, check his contract salary to children names. James Anthony Abbott a perfect example of immense self confidence and perseverance and is a role model for many. Abbot was born with his right hand missing, but… Read More »

Albert Pujols Net Worth and Contract Salary

Many sites are claiming that Albert Pujols net worth is only $55 million which is not true. With a 10 year of contract salary of $240 million, his actual net worth is of $90 million in 2017. He plays for Los Angeles of Anaheim of Major League Baseball.  He started his major league career with… Read More »