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10 Richest Oil Countries with Biggest Oil Reserves in the World

This list provides top 10 oil production countries in terms of fuel reserve. Starting from Venezuela holding the top position followed by Saudi Arabia in 2018. While countries like Canada has an oil reserve of about 172 billion barrels, followed by Iran with an proven oil reserve of about 150 billion barrels.

Top Ten Richest Victoria’s Secret Models of 2017-2018

Wanted to know who is the richest model of the Victoria’s Secret for the year 2017-2018? Find how how much do they get paid for fashion show. According to the ratings of the  Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, here are the top ten richest Victoria’s Secret Models in ascending order who took home multi- million dollars… Read More »

10 Best Jewish Actors and Actresses

List of famous notable Jewish actors, celebrities and actresses who are counted among the best 10 in Hollywood industry. These are the world’s well known face.  Today about 40% of the Jewish are living in United States and they are known for their hard work across the world. Let’s have a look to such well… Read More »

10 Celebrities Who Hide About Their Age

These are few big celebrities who actually hide and lied about their age. Check out top 10 such popular stars name from Hollywood.  A little white lie does no harm. Yes indeed but what about celebrities who lie downright about their age just to be in the limelight longer and appeal to the younger age… Read More »

The 10 Richest Horse Race in the World

Check this list of Horse racing events in the world which are counted among the top 10 richest, prestigious and most expensive event as of 2017. This is the fact that the Horse racing has been a popular game among stakeholders having love for sports. A stakeholder uses his intuitive skills to judge the winning… Read More »

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Turned Hollywood Stars

Check the list of WWE wrestlers who turned popular Hollywood actors. Most of them are American which include Dwayne Johnson to John Cena. Taking the world by storm in the WWE with their fighting styles and strength, the champions have moved on to more unexplored areas of fame and talent. Many of the popular and… Read More »

The 10 Richest Black Actress of 2018

Do you know who are the richest black actresses in the world? Check out these highest paid female celebrities based on 2017 calculation and don’t forget to leave your comment. These listed celebrities are mostly from United States, have a look.

10 Things Wealthy People Do Every Day

Do you wanted to know what Wealthy people do on daily basis? Find out their success habits and what millionaires do all day with their money. It is a biblical truth that money cannot buy happiness. But who is following that? Can you tell that to the bills that comes your way every month or… Read More »

Top 10 Richest Female Rappers in 2017

Today ladies are dominating the world and these richest female rappers are not far behind. Check out this 2017 list who are highest paid.  Rapping is a music genre that has been predominantly ruled by men. Take it from Kanye West to Eminem to the late Tupac Shakur, men have been the biggest rappers in… Read More »

10 Popular Celebrity Who Changed Their Religion

Today the top notch celebrities from Hollywood changed their religion to gain spirituality, have a look to such top 10 stars updated in 2017.  This has been done by these famous celebrities to find internal peace and satisfaction and some others have also done the same in order to marry their partners. Here are some… Read More »