Famous Celebrities Born in 2005

Here is list of famous Celebrities including teen actor and actresses who was born in 2005. These are few famous Pop Singer and Youtube star. The people born in the year 2005 are represented by the Earthly Branch Character. They share certain common personality traits such as being responsible, distinctive, earnest, hardworking, courageous and talented. They are much focused and like to be busy regarding work and responsibilities. Failure disappoints them deeply. They might appear adventurous but are frequently loners in reality. They generally enjoy their solitude.

On the negative side, these people can be impatient, overconfident, impressible and preachy. Arrogance is one of their biggest disadvantage, if they are able to overcome their arrogance they can serve to be very pleasant. Other than this, they are also extremely earnest towards their career and therefore have great competence and courage towards work.

Photo Name DOB Nationality
Hayden Summerall Hayden Summerall Monday, April 4 American
Ella Anderson Ella Anderson Saturday, March 26 American
Asia Ray Asia Ray Wednesday, August 10 American
Kristina Pimenova Kristina Pimenova Tuesday, December 27 Russian
Ruby Rose Turner Ruby Rose Turner Sundau, October 16, American
Olivia Haschak Olivia Haschak Thursday, September 1 American
Baby Kaely Baby Kaely Tueday, February 22 American
Hali'a Beamer Hali’a Beamer Monday, April 4 American
Alana Thompson Alana Thompson Sunday, August 28 Georgia
Alabama Barker Alabama Barker Saturday, December 24 American
 Avia Butler Avia Butler Wednesday, May 4 American
Areana Lopez Areana Lopez Saturday, May 21 American
Whitney Bjerken Whitney Bjerken Friday, March 4 Georgia
Hello Kylie Hello Kylie Saturday, June 25 American
Nathan Arenas Nathan Arenas Friday, September 30 American
Maesi Caes Maesi Caes Friday, March 18 American
B2cutecupcakes B2cutecupcakes Monday, September 12 American
Charles Martin Monday, November 7 Georgia
Arden Martino Arden Martino Friday, February 11 American
Loco Laii Loco Laii Saturday, December 10 American
Navia Ziraili Robinson Navia Ziraili Robinson Wednesday, May 4 Georgia
Sophia Rose Turino Sophia Rose Turino Friday, May 6 American
Jade Weber Jade Weber Monday, March 7 China
Eden Wood Eden Wood Friday, February 18 American
Theo Haraldsson Theo Haraldsson Sunday, July 17 Sweden
Jayla Vlach Jayla Vlach Thuesday, May 24 American
Jillian Babyteeth4 Jillian Babyteeth4 Wednesday, September 21 American
Tyler Davis Tuesday, November 22 American
Hope Marie Hope Marie Friday, December 2 American