Charlotte Hothman – Barbie Doll – Wiki, Height, Age, Facts

By | June 9, 2017

Barbie is the choice of most of the girls from their childhood days. But for Charlotte, her obsession for Barbie turned to her passion. To look like the Barbie, she has spent a huge amount of money for cosmetic surgery. The amount is 10,000 pounds. He also has a huge collection of Barbie dolls. She is now a human Barbie and all because of her beauty treatments and surgeries. At first, she underwent by a nose job to look like the Barbie and then she collagen in the lips. That has given her an incomplete look, so she blonde her hair like Barbie.

Charlotte Hothman

Full Name Charlotte Hothman
Birth Date 1993
Net Worth $200 Thousand
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $50,000
Ethnicity White
Boyfriend Under Review

She always wears the outfits like Barbie and has spent a huge amount of money to buy these dresses. She lives in Manchester of England and became a star of social media after her surgeries. She has told several times in various interviews that her journey fr4om a girl to a doll was not at all easy. The surgeries were acutely painful but her passion and dedication were beyond the pain, so she overcomes all such things to have her desire looks. Her swelling and pain so much time to minimize.

Charlotte is now 24 years old living Barbie, who has spent all her savings to look like one of her Barbie.

Charlotte with her sister from her age three has started collecting the Barbie. She has a huge collection of Barbie including the Violin Soloist, Tropical Barbie, gym Barbie, Chinese New Year Barbie and Cinderella Barbie and much more.  She has almost all types of Barbie and also the Barbie for all occasions.

Charlotte Hothman - Human Barbie doll

In her home in Manchester, she has a different room, only to set up her huge collection of dolls, mostly Barbie. She also collects the dresses for her Barbie collections and spent huge money for that purpose too. At her childhood, she has arranged the wedding of the Barbie many times with the help of her sister. She is still single and waiting for her dream boy who will love her and her Barbie equally. This Barbie girl is very much popular on the social media platforms, especially on Instagram. She has massive followers there.

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