Chris Christie Net Worth is now confirmed

By | October 4, 2016

The New Jersey Gov. Chris Christi has confirmed and updated net worth of $4 million along with his family. Born in NJ, he own a house and filed $69 thousand in tax return. Christopher James Christie  is an American Governor of New Jersey, United States since 2010, January and is the 55th governor. He is an attorney by profession and also the member of Republican Party and an active politician.

Chris Christie Net Worth

Name Christopher James Christie
Net Worth $4 Million
Source of Income Govt. Service
Annual Salary $7,00,000
Monthly Income $58,300
Weekly Income $14,500
Birth Date September 6, 1962
Ethnicity German, Irish, Scottish and Sicilian
Height 1.80 m /5.10 feet
Weight 96 kg
Wife Mary Pat Foster
Children Sarah Christie, Andrew Christie, Bridget Christie and Patrick Christie

Overall our calculation is correct since this website confirmed that the net worth of Chris Christie is $3.8 million which was posted a year back, so now it must reaches to $4 million in 2017. Chris and his wife filed a total income of $699,000 during 2013 in tax return.

Christie was born in Newark in New Jersey, United States on 6 September, 1962 and is currently 54 years of age.  His father was an account and his mother was a telephone receptionist by profession. Christie is believed to have Irish-German-Scottish-Sicilian ancestral roots. He was majorly raised in Livingston attending Livingston High School and graduating in 1980. They had relocated to Livingston due to the Newark riots in 1967. Christie drew inspiration towards politics due to her mother’s support, who was a democratic. He was moved by a speech by Tom Kean, the then state legislator who talked to his class while in school. Christie was the class president and played as a catcher in the school baseball team.

Christie graduated with a degree in BA (political science) from the renowned University of Delaware in 1984. That year, he was included in the New Jersey State Bar Association as well as the Bar of the United States District Court, District of New Jersey. He further received Doctorate degrees from doctorate degrees by Rutgers University and Monmouth University.

At the beginning of his career, Christie worked for a law firm in Cranford, New Jersey in 1987. In 2003, he became the partner for the firm and continued to practice as a lawyer till 2002, specializing in security law, election law and government affairs. In 1995 he served as a county freeholder for three years. Christie later actively campaigned for George H.W.Bush and George W. Bush. He was appointed as an attorney by George W. Bush in 2002 till 2008. The very next year he applied for the governor post for New Jersey and won the same. He was re-elected in 2013. Republican Governor’s Association made him the chairman in the same year.

Chris Christie house

Christie competed for 2012 presidential election but was unsuccessful. His candidature was nominated again for 2016 presidential election but he instead endorsed Donald Trump as president candidature. Trump announced Christie to head the transition team for his probable administration. He is popular for his positive work in areas of business tax, education, homosexuality, hydraulic fracturing, farm animal welfare, equal and minimum wage for women and abortion policies.

Chris Christie with his wife Mary Pat Foster

Christie married Mary Pat Foster who was a student in his alma mater University of Delaware. She is an investment banker and they have four children, two daughters and two sons. They live in Mendham Township in Morris County, New Jersey. Christie loves going to concerts and has great interest in basketball, ice-hockey, football and baseball.

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