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By | February 28, 2016

Chris Webber’s Net Worth is estimated to be $80 million.

Basketball, especially American basketball has seen many stars, some that seem to never stop rising. Christopher “Chris” Webber is one of those stars. Although he might no longer be on the courts, the 1973 born has continued rising to the top through various means.

dollarNet Worth – $80 Million

Chris Webber


Full Name: Mayce Edward Christopher Chris Webber III

Birth Date

Birthday1st of March 1973

Ethnicity: Black

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

2.08 m / 6.10 feet

111 Kg



Girlfriend: Erika Dates

Ex-Girlfriend: Tyra Banks, Nia Long, Tracee Ellis Ross and Ananda Lewis.

The Michigan-born player found his passion in Basketball pretty early in life. Throughout High school and college, the currently retired NBA player showed his prowess on the court and delivered every game. The wins and losses of many teams have been credited to his presence there. Although a Michigan at heart, he has played on the teams of various states including, but not limited to; California, Philadelphia, Washington, and Detroit.


“Mr.Basketball” as he was named in his senior year certainly lived up to the name. With his job as an NBA commentator and the occasional games he still plays as a part of the NBA Legends, he has managed to remain in the hearts of fans and players everywhere. His stats through games is something that still inspire people.

Year Amount in USD
2002-03 $14 Million
2003-04 $15 Million
2004-05 $17 Million
2005-06 $19 Million

Through all of this, as well as his many other businesses, it is no surprise that he is worth quite a lot. Currently placed first in People With Money’s top ten highest paid basketball players with a net worth of $80 million, he has tried his hand in everything, from being a restaurateur, to producing music. All his ventures combine to give him the standing that he has achieved today.

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