Christian Von Koenigsegg

By | January 2, 2017

Owner of Koenigsess Automotive Christian Von Koenigsegg is from Sweden has net worth of about $100 million and has about 65 employees in 2017. All the sports car lovers must have come across Christian Koenugsegg, famous for being the founder and owner of a sports car manufacturing company. He himself rides a $2 million super car!

Christian Von Koenigsegg Net Worth

Name Christian Erland Harald von Koenigsegg
Net Worth $100 Million
Source of Income Businessman
Annual Salary $9 Million
Monthly Income $750,000
Weekly Income $187,500
Daily Income $26,700
Birth Date July 2, 1972
Ethnicity White
Wife Halldora von Koenigsegg
Ex-Wife N/A

Family & Education

Christian Erland Harald von Koenigsegg was born on 1972 and is currently 44 years of age. He was born in Stockholm and is Swedish by nationality. From an early age, he showed immense interest in automotive industry and was fascinated by a Norwegian animation movie called “Flaklypa Grand Prix”. The film revolved around a bicycle repair man who later constructs a racing car. This inspired him to take interest in racing cars and from the age of five years, Koenigsegg wanted to have his own customized racing car. When he was six years old, he rode a go kart and was fascinated by it and termed those days as the most enjoyable ones.

Christian Von Koenigsegg Net Worth is $100 Million

Don’t judge Koenigsegg from his company, although he has just 65 employees in his company but able to sell around $17 millions of cars every year. Currently Koenigsegg net worth is about $100 million that he earn from his hard work and dedication. Christian 2017 plan is to increase the total sales by $25 million in this year, that means his overall worth is going to hike by at least 10% this year.

Automotive Career

Always being determined to chase his dream and passion, Koenigsegg bagged a job in Suzuki dealership showroom which was far away Stockholm. He worked as a car washer and during his spare time repaired moppets. He became quite popular locally for his skill and expertise with automobile maintenance and repairing.

In 1994, Koenigsegg started his own automobile manufacturing company Koenigsegg Automative AB. David Craaford deigned the model following his guidelines and the prototype produced was well accepted by financers. He pooled and invested his family’s fortune while starting the business. Earlier he owned an export and import business and invested his earnings as well. He worked 16 hours a day with only three people to help him in his first invention and had to erode his soles to get through funding companies.

His determination and intelligence led to his success. Apart from automotive inventions like triplex suspension offering ultimate comfort and leveled speed, free valve technology for precision and timing control; Koenigsegg also invented a chip music player and a floor system which are now multi-million dollar companies.

Founder of Koenigsegg Automotive Christian Von Koenigsegg

Personal Life

Koenigsegg is married to Halldora von Koenigsegg and both run the company together. During his mid thirties, Koenigsegg developed an autoimmune disorder alopecia areata for which he lost all his hair. This disorder is generally due to acute stress. In 2003, his company building caught fire and the entire building was burnt down. Fortunately, his production and equipment were majorly intact and he shifted his new manufacturing unit to a former airplane hangar in Sweden. He sold his first sports car in 2002 after years of being unpaid and living on bread and water! The company uses modern technology like 3D printing to create test car components for new models to cut down production cost and each new car is compact, light weight, extremely speedy and at the same time super expensive.

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