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By | October 5, 2017

The renowned musical artist Connie Smith has earned a net worth of $18 million. Check out her wiki including height, age, house, salary and family detail. Today she is a very successful female artist who won several hearts with her powerhouse vocal thrills. Her audience have always appreciated and praised her work. She has earned 11 Grammy award nominations and has won 12 other big award. She has achieved great achievements becoming the 12th solo female vocalist and 19th woman to be elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame. “Once A Day” has been her biggest hit. It was her first record released in the year 1964.

Connie Smith's net worth

Full Name Connie Smith
Birth Date August 14, 1941
Nationality American
Height N/A
Parents Wilma Meador and Hobart Meador
Net Worth $18 Million
Source of Income Musical artist
Annual Salary $1 Million.
Sibling N/A
Children Darren Justin Smith, Julie Haynes, Connie Smith, Kerry Watkins, Jodi Haynes and Jeanne Haynes
Ethnicity White
Husband Marty Stuart

Connie Smith was born in Elkhart, Indiana on 1941. Her parents were Wilma and Hobart Meador. They were originally from West Virginia. Connie did not have an easy childhood. Her father was abusive and would often cause her to suffer severe mental breakdowns. When she was seven years old, her mother divorced her father and married a man named Tom Clark. Tom Clark already had eight children from his past marriage and her mother had five. Later the two had two more children together. Therefore, there family by now was a huge responsibility for Connie’s parents.

She lived among people who had interest towards music, which formed an important element to introduce music to her life. Her father played mandolin and her two brothers played fiddle and guitar. She soon started taking part in local talent contests. This is how she proceeded following her passion. Ever since she put her feet into the music industry, she has always loved her work just like she loved her family.

Connie’s marriage life hasn’t been smooth. She has gone through 3 unsuccessful marriages. Her fourth marriage with the country star Marty Stuart who is 17 years junior to her was the only one which worked well. She has a total of five children from all her marriages and she loves all of them equally. She priorities her children over every other thing.

Despite her massive success, she is considered by some music critics to be one of the most underrated artists in country music because she did not expand her stardom with the non-country general media market. Even though there has been considerations of all kind about this amazingly talented vocalist, the thing which is completely certain about her is that, she has been a legend and will always be remembered by music lovers for the longest time.

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