Corey Lewandowski Net Worth – Bio & Family

By | December 24, 2016

Campaigner of Mr President, Corey Lewandowski has net worth of $4 million, whereas his yearly salary is $500 thousand. Check his bio and family info. Corey Lewandowski is one of Americas leading politician and serves the Republican Party.

Net Worth – $4 Million

Corey Lewandowski Net WorthName: Corey R. Lewandowski

Annual Salary: $500,000

DOB: 18th September 1973

Height: Under Review

Weight: Under Review

Ethnicity: Polish

Lewandowski was born in the mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts, United States. His grandfather was a well known union printer who worked locally. Lewandowski was born in the 1973, 18 September and was brought up in his birthplace. He graduated from a non-profit private secondary school named Lowell Catholic High School in Lowell in 1991. Later in 1995, he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Two years later he completed his Masters from the American University from Washington DC in Political Science. He is believed to have a Polish decent and is a Roman Catholic by faith.

His net worth is estimated to be $4 million. Lewandowski is getting a lump sum of $500 thousand as a salary as per CNN report.

Lewandowski had interest in politics from a very young age. While still doing his Bachelors, Lewandowski ran for the election for Massachusetts House of Representatives for the Republican party where his name did not appear in the ballot but voters wrote for him as a candidate. He received very few votes and lost in the same with a major difference in the number of votes.

After completing college studies, Lewandowski served and worked under Peter Torkildsen, a Republican Congressman of Massachusetts for a year in 1996. During his Masters degree, Lewandowski interned for Democrat Senator Steven C. Panagiotakos in 1997. For the next four years he worked as in the administrative department as a assistant for Bob Ney, a U.S. Republican Congressman. Ney was charged of corruption and Lewandowski plead for leniency as he considered Ney as his father.

Currently Lewandowski works as a political critic at the CNN network and was appointed as Trump’s campaign manager from 2015 to 2016. He has worked at several other campaigns and is an active lobbyist.

Corey Lewandowski with his wife Alison Lewandowski

Lewandowski had faced several rough patches in his life. He was once arrested for carrying a loaded gun inside a federal building secretly. During the campaigning for Trump, Lewandowski was charged of physical assault towards a reporter. Both charges were eventually dismissed.

Lewandowski married his school mate Alison. He had known her from the ninth grade. Alison had married Lewandowski’s best friend but her husband died in an air crash. Alison married Lewandowski four years after the incident. The couple has four children. Lewandowski and his family currently live in Windham, New Hampshire.

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