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By | May 23, 2017

The English musician Cynthia Lennon net worth estimated about $3 million which she left behind. Check out her wiki, married life and source of wealth updated in 2017. Lennon was the former wife of famous musician John Lennon. She was born in Blackpoll, Lancashire, England. She has done schooling in Liverpool’s Junior Art School and then completed her studies in art at the Liverpool College of Art. She has grown up in middle class section, in North West England.

Cynthia Lennon

Full Name Cynthia Lennon
Birth Date September 10, 1939
Nationality British
Height 5.3 feet / 1.60 m
Parents Lillian Roby and Charles Edwin Powell
Net Worth $3 Million
Source of Income Musician
Ethnicity White
Husband Noel Charles (2002-2013)
John Twist (1976-1983)
Roberto Bassanini (1970-1973)
John Lennon (1962-1968)
Passed Away April 1, 2015

The net worth of Cynthia Lennon is around $3 Million. Her whole net worth came from her marriage to the Beatles Legend. She had run a restaurant that was located in Ruthin, Wales. The name of the restaurant was ‘Oliver’s Bistro’. She ran it from 1973 to 1983, in that very year, she sold her business. She worked as an author as well. Regarding her life with John Lennon, she wrote two books. Out of these two, in 1978, her first book was released titled ‘A Twist of Lennon’ and second one ‘John’ in 2005.

Late musician John Lennon was the husband of Cynthia Lennon. They firstly met at Liverpool College of Art. In the class of calligraphy they both met each other and their relationship grew. On August 23, 1962, she got married to the world famous musician John Lennon. On April 8, 1963, their son Julian was born. But in 1968, he left Cynthia and started his relationship with another girl Yoko Ono. Cynthia also moved on in her life. At present, she is living in Majorca, Spain with Noel Charles, her fourth husband.

Cynthia loved her former husband John even after separating from him. She always said that she can’t stop herself from loving and caring for her husband John. They had done secret marriage. Because John was a sensation at that time and they wanted to keep it secret so that his career cannot be affected. That was the reason that they didn’t disclose this news amidst the media and any other person. Cynthia and her son Julian always tried to escape from the media and their questions. They attended the ceremony of the John Lennon Peace Monument in Liverpool on October 9, 2010.

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