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By | September 8, 2016

Famous auctioneer Dan Dotson is also a businessman whose current net worth is $4.5 million. He appeared in Storage Wars Series and married to Laura Dotson. He and his wife are no strangers to all those associated or familiar with A&E’s ‘Storage Wars’. He appeared on this show with other stars like Nabila Haniss  and Brandi Passante. His popularity as a featured auctioneer and his fast talking and quick dealing flair come as no surprise given the fact had he had been exposed to auctioneering since he was eleven, by his grandfather.

Dan Dotson

Name Dan Dotson
Net Worth $4.5 Million
Source of Income Auctioneer
Annual Salary $300,000
Monthly Income $25,000
Weekly Income $6,250
Daily Income $890
Birth Date November 23, 1962
Ethnicity White
Height 1.73 m / 5.8 feet
Weight 78 kg
Wife Laura Dotson

Today, he is the famous opener of lockers on the show and selling at a pace that will leave you gasping for breath! The owner of StorageAuctions.net, he specializes not only in the auction of furniture and collectibles but also porcelain dolls and pottery.

Currently Dan Dotson net worth in 2017 is estimated to be $4.5 million.  He grew up listening to his grandfather whose name is “Sam Fancher”, who was a well-known farm auctioneer during his time in the Ozark Mountains region of northwest Arkansas. Since the age of eleven, he started assisting and accompanying his grandfather to auctions where his real education and training occurred. He became a regular there during his summer breaks from the school. He was so much into it that at the age of 16, he chose to skip school and travelled to an auction in Canada to sell furniture. The next two decades saw him working hard in the field and his first business getting launched in 1983, ‘American Auctioneers’.

He met the love of his life Laura Dotson in 1996 who shared his interests and became his business partner as well. In December 2010, the pair entered the reality series ‘Storage Wars’ and since then both his business and his popularity knows no bounds. Later, he showcased fresh talent by becoming both the co-creator and chief advisor to the show. In 2014, he suffered a serious attack of a double aneurysm but since then is quite healthy. Today, his company leads the field by handling on an average three thousand auctions and appraisals per year.

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