Darren Hardy Net Worth – Bio, Wife, Age 2017

By | June 9, 2017

Renowned American author Darren Hardy revealed his net worth including bio, current wife, age, and source of wealth. Born in 1971, today is also a speaker. He is counted among the American best-selling author. Apart from his extraordinary writing skills, he is also a significant speaker, advisor and an ex publisher.

Darren Hardy

Full Name Darren Hardy
Birth Date February 01, 1971
Nationality American
Height 6.2 feet / 1.88 m
Parents Under Review
Net Worth $3 Million
Source of Income Author
Annual Salary $350,000
Ethnicity White
Wife Georgia Hardy

Hardy was born on February 1, 1971 and is currently 46b years of age. He was born in San Diego, California and is an American by nationality. His parents divorced when he was just over a year old. His mother abandoned him and thus he grew up with his father.

Hardy got into business from a young age of 18 years. In 2007, he started SUCCESS Magazine and Media for which he was a publisher. The magazine dealt with business development content as well as self upgrading strategies and advice from young emerging entrepreneurs. A lot of motivational content and CDs were included in the issues. The magazine was distributed nation-wide and had over 800 thousand readers. By the age of 27 years, Hardy became a millionaire wholly making his fortune single handedly.

Hardy left his publishing job in 2015 in order to venture into various other lucrative business avenues. Prior to publishing work, Hardy worked in television networks like TPN and TSPN as the master distributor and executive producer. Both the roles were executive positions. Few other well known author who are earning in thousands of dollar like Kevin Trudeau, Coleen Nolan and Karl Pilkington.

Hardy became well known as a writer for his two famous books known as “Compound Effects” which was released in 2010 and “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” which came in market during early 2015. Both were best-selling books. The first book is about guidelines on achieving goals in life and the second book sketch the challenges of an entrepreneur in setting up a successful business.

Hardy got into motivational speaking and openly shares his personal experiences with his audience. He credits his difficult childhood for his success and his self reliant, confident nature. He emphasizes public speaking and communication skills for majority of his successful business. He is seen to be a confident, bold, humorous personality on stage while lecturing and constantly engages his audience. He never relies on notes and believes that natural ability is only 1% whereas the remaining is hard work.

Darren Hardy with his wife Georgia Hardy

Hardy is currently married to Georgia since 2001 and lives in San Diego after moving from Miami Beach. The couple relives their first blind date every year for the last 13 years and enjoys every bit of it. They wear the same clothes, meet at the same place, drink the same glass of wine and munch on the same food as like their first date. That’ how exciting their bond is! No doubt Hardy is both charming an successful.

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