Deana Molle Net Worth – Wiki, Age, Height

By | April 9, 2017

This gorgeous lady Deana Molle net worth is now known. Check out her wiki, real age, height, husband etc who worked in Container Wars. Deana Molle is an actor and producer, born in Tustin, California in Los Angeles is presently on the Reality TV Show “Container Wars”. Beauty with mind, she is also a former Ms. America and Ms. International.

Deana Molle net worth

Full Name Deana Ann Aburto
Birth Date 1974
Net Worth $1 Million
Source of Income Actress
Annual Salary $250 Thousand
Ethnicity White
Husband Uriah Molle

As a native of Tustin, Deana Molle participated in Ms. America and Ms. International; with her hard work, she got success in grabbing both the titles “Ms. America 2004-2005” and “Ms. International 2011-2012. As far as titles go, Deana Molle has a big collection. She was very ambitious about her title dreams. That is why Deana Molle’s caravan of collection did not stop there and one more title was waiting for her. Finally, she got the title of “OC Treasure Queen” which she received on “Container Wars” show on TRUTV.

Deana Molle is one of the great entrepreneurs. She also has her own home based business OC* TREASUREQUEEN. Under this business, she used take the treasures at Estate Sales, Garage Sales and Storage finds and then resell them online. She has her own luxurious home and she loves to help people in her community with many local charity events and functions. Overall, she has been an ambitious woman always. What she thinks, she achieves. Her net worth is not disclosed as of now.

She is currently working on TRUTV’s reality show “Container Wars”. She loves working in this show as the show provides all that she wants. This show portrays Deana as she is in real life. As the only women in the show with title OC Treasure Queen, she inspires women to start their own treasure hunting businesses. In real life, she is a full time Treasure Hunter. She also participated in various talent shows as a teenager. She also got a number of challenging roles for movies too. Here is the list of the movie projects she worked with:-

GAME OVER (2015)

She was the actor as well as the producer of the movie “A PERFECT CHAOS”. She is married to Uriah Molle and has two beautiful daughters, one named Ashley, the eldest and the other Vanessa, the youngest.

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