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By | August 15, 2017

American best selling author Debbie Macomber net worth is now known. Find out her wiki, list of popular books, family and salary detail as on 2017. She is famous for her romance novels as well as contemporary women’s fiction. Not only that, four of the novels she has written has become made into movies. She had also won the Quill Award in 2005 for romance, and not only that, it was the first time ever someone did that. She has also been honored by the lifetime achievement award by the Romance Writers of America. She is among the popular literary figures not just in the whole of America, but all over the world. Her unique style in creating romance novels have made her outright popular to her readers.

Debbie Macomber

Full Name Debbie Macomber
Birth Date October 22, 1948
Nationality American
Height 5’4”
Parents Under Review
Net Worth $2 Million
Source of Income Author
Annual Salary $300 Thousand
Sibling N/A
Children Dale Wayne Macomber, Ted Macomber and Jenny Adele
Ethnicity White
Husband Wayne Macomber

Macomber was born on 1948, in Yakima, Washington. Being dyslexic, she could get her education only from high school. But she had always been determined to become a writer. She wrote the first few manuscripts from her kitchen while dealing with four children. She had been repeatedly turned down by publishers at the time and so she tried freelancing for magazines. Her first ever novel, ‘Heartsong’ published by Silhouette Books, has an interesting story linked to it.

She had won tonnes of awards for her writing. She had even won the B. Dalton Award 3 times. Harlequin, Silhouette’s rival had bought the firm, but Macomber was allowed to continue with her work. They even asked her to create an interconnected series, which later became the Navy series. ‘Starlight’ was one of the first books written by her. In 2002, she decided to change her genre to include women and the friendships that they engage in.

Macomber tries to spread the message of optimism through her novels. Her characters have been highly praised throughout. Though she does not give in to detailed descriptions, her stories clearly send the message they intend to. The novels provide a sense of happy expectation and hope. With more than 170 million copies of her books in print, she is definitely one of the most wanted authors all around the world.

2 thoughts on “Debbie Macomber Net Worth, Wiki, Books, Family

  1. Shirley Johnson

    what? are you sure Debbie Macomber worth $2 millions, I love her books & her talent, I do not believe debbie worth $2 millions cos she sure wrote lots of books that also turn into movie making that some time seen on Hallmark network, oh please is she really worth less of wealth net income that much? Debbie got to be worth more then that?!! Give me break! Oh by the way I should write something make a good money. ShirJ

    1. Rheya Dawson

      I doubt she’s worth just 2 million. with the amount of books she’s sold each book between 5 and 14 dollars even she paid a ton of money to her publisher and manager she’s pocketing millions of dollars per book.


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