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By | March 24, 2017

Renowned radio host Don Imus net worth as been revealed that is $40 million. Check out his biography, source of earning, house he own and more. Being a multi-talented, Imus has gained sky high fame through his brilliant performance as a radio host and humorist from America. He is also a landscape photographer. This 76 years old man has achieved so many success from his career that his net worth is now at rocket sky, which is enough to describe the success of his career.

Don Imus Net Worth

Name John Donald Don Imus, Jr.
Birth Date 23 July, 1940
Nationality American
Net Worth $40 Million
Source of Income Radio Host
Annual Salary $2 Million
Ethnicity White
Height 1.88 m/ 6.2 feet
Wife Deirdre Imus
Ex-Wife Harriet Showalter

Don Imus is a writer and a triumphant philanthropist also. His career has grown up with so many struggles and he overcame all the drawbacks of his career with determination and hard work. At the early days of his career, he was an alcohol addicted man but he overcame the issue with proper treatment and his strategies of life.

Imus in the Morning is the most popular radio broadcasting show of the United States, which was aired on Cumulus Media Networks. He won the prestigious NAB broadcasting Hall of Fame award for his great works. His nationally syndicated talk show on radio is the reason that he has a huge fan following.

Don Imus' House

Don Imus’ House

Don and his family are from Riverside of California, where he was born on 23rd July 1940. His father was John Donald Imus and his mother was Frances E. He is not the first person who came to host a talk show, his elder brother Fred Imus also was a renowned talk show host. He brought up in Arizona, where grew up on a sprawling cattle ranch. The name of that was “The Willows”.

He left his school and further education when he was just 17 and he became the bugler of Marine Corps, the armed force of USA. He was there for three years and then he became the brakeman of Southern Pacific Railroad.

His life has changed when he participated in a talent hunt show at the nightclub of Johnny Otis. He was not a radio host from the first day, he started with song writing. From 1968 he began his career as an RJ and that was the turning point of his career. Don appeared on television also with several shows at different times.

People will remember his speech on the purpose of Radio and Television Correspondence Dinner. His career is designed with many awards; he has won the Marconi Award four times. Don has written many book and columns also.  He married twice. After ten years married life with his wife Harriet, they parted away and Don married again. He has five children from his two marriages. He is now suffering from prostate cancer.

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