Eivin Kilcher Wiki & Net Worth from Alaska: the Last Frontier

By | January 10, 2017

Elvin Kilcher is the young star of Discovery channel’s reality series Last Frontiers: Alaska whose net worth is about $2 million, check his wiki & wife name.  Eivin and his other family members have been in the show from last few seasons. He is the oldest son of Otto Kilcher. The parents of Otto and Atz, Ruth and Yule emigrated to Homer from Switzerland and they settled down there on the early 30’s. This tradition of homesteaders is continuing till date with the expanded family of Yule. This family is actually perfect to showcase the wild lifestyle at a remote area, so the Discovery channel has chosen them as the characters of their show.

Net Worth – $2 Million

Eivin Kilcher Net WorthName: Eivin Kilcher

Annual Salary: $350,000

DOB: 6th March 1984

WifeEve Kilcher

Ethnicity: White

Eivin is the new star from the family, he is ajack of all trades. He has many talents which he proved several times.

Cooking is the passion of this homesteader. With his wife, he has released their cookbook, Homestead Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from our Hearth to Yours. After getting the copies of the book they dedicated the book to their two children. This book was quite a popular one among the readers with the recipes, which they cook regularly at that remote place and with the stories about their lifestyle. He lives just a half mile away from the cabin of his father. He lives there with his wife Eve. They have two children, one son and one daughter, Findley and Sparrow Rose.

He is living a hybrid lifestyle there by fishing, hunting and farming. Like his grandmother and the family members, he is also a good musician. Discovery channel has launched the show on 2011 and still this show is running on the channel with high TRP. This is because of the casts and crews of the show.

Eivin got the survival equipment from his older family members, Father Otto and Uncle Atz. Eivin is quite a popular person at the social networking platforms. He is also very active on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. They share some delicious pictures of their homestead kitchen at that platforms. This is not the end of the story, Eivin shared some articles on cooking and homestead living style at the local newspapers. Eivin love everything about Homer, he lives with the animals and hunts some to cook a delicious dish and he loves fishing and farming. Like his father Otto, Eivin also has a unique way of building his cabin and fixing method. Eivin and Eve have made a little place of paradise, their own cozy adobe in Homer and their net worth is now $ 2 million.

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5 thoughts on “Eivin Kilcher Wiki & Net Worth from Alaska: the Last Frontier

  1. Martha

    We struggle to survive, the kilchers look like they struggle to live, but how can you be concerned about what you’ll have to eat when you’re worth so much money and make so much money. I love the show but I’m also a little confused.

  2. W F Carter

    I really like your programs on Alaskan living and adventures. I DO NOT like your added drama and the loud background music that is in the forefront. I cant hear the narrator. Other than that I enjoy the programs.
    Alaska the last Frontier–The last Alaskans–Life below Zero. Please keep them coming..

    W F Carter

    1. Dorothy Marshall

      I ,like all these programs, and enjoy watching all their hard work….I

      was raised in the hills of California….no running water, lamps for lights, and wood stove for cooking and heat….Its alot of work cutting wood and hauling water year around.

  3. Laura Locus


  4. Hwilliams

    I really love this series. Wish I could bold enough to live in Homestead isolated from the world. Cool lifestyle


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