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By | June 28, 2017

American naturalist and tv star Eustace Conway revealed his net worth which is about $2 million. Check out his age, family, wife and children in 2017. He, the subject of “The Last American Man” written by Elizabeth Gilbert is a nature lover and an educator as well.  Eustace had a sheer liking towards nature and this statement can be justified by the fact that he left his home when he was 17 years old to start living in a tipi in the woods. A documentary was made on Eustace Conway’s life in the year 2003 named “Full Circle: A Life story of Eustace Conway”, which was directed by Jack Bibbo.

Eustace Conway

Full Name Eustace Conway
Birth Date September 15, 1961
Nationality American
Parents Eustace Robinson Conway III and Karen Conway
Net Worth $2 Million
Source of Income Naturalist
Annual Salary $130,000
Sibling Judson Conway, Martha Conway and Walton Conway
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Ex-Girlfriend Donna

Owing to his inclination towards nature and works he was also featured in “Mountain Man”, a reality television series that used to come on History Channel. This TV Series focused on Conway’s daily life, like the way he performed his daily chores or prepared food in advance for the approaching winter.

Eustace Conway, an American naturalist was born on 15th September, 1961. He was born in Columbia, South Carolina, United States to Eustace Robinson Conway III and Karen Conway. Eustace had three siblings Judson Conway, Martha Conway and Walton Conway. Nobody ever imagined that a boy Eustace Conway who left his home at the age of 17 to live in woods can have a net worth of more than $2 million. He has hiked the entire

Eustace wanted to explore the beauty of nature and was different than others in his future prospects. This can be considered as a reason why Eustace didn’t married as he wanted to live his life in a different manner. Eustace had a girlfriend name “Donna” however she married to another man. He was very unique in his approach and wanted to celebrate the freedom of individuality in all spheres of life. He wanted to personify nature by acting as a spokesperson on earth. Eustace has stayed in the woods for nearly 35 years and today in the capacity of a unique naturalist and educator even public speaking engagements are available with Eustace by prior appointment of course. Such request can be made by public either by calling up at Turtle Island’s office or by leaving them a mail at their official mail id.

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